Q: POS / Parse Annotation of the Hansards

Pierre Zweigenbaum pz at biomath.jussieu.fr
Thu Jul 8 15:33:44 UTC 1999

Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 18:10:12 -0400
From: "Keith J. Miller" <keith at mitre.org>
Message-Id: <003601bec8c5$7bfe52d0$3c681d80 at keith-nt.mitre.org>

I'm using the Hansard corpus (parallel French - English parliamentary
proceedings) for dissertation research on Machine Translation of
prepositions. I need both English and French data marked up with POS
and syntactic parse information.  My primary concern is PP
attachment, specifically with respect to distinguishing between
verbal complement PPs and adjunct PPs.

Can anyone recommend a POS tagger or parser for either language
or a source for marked up versions of the Hansards?

Please reply to me directly; I will summarize. Thank you, and I
hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or winter, as the case may be).

						-----  Keith J. Miller
						millerk at gusun.georgetown.edu
						Georgetown University
						Linguistics Department
						Computational Linguistics

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