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		   8th International Conference on
     Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation
			  August 23-25, 1999
			     Chester, UK

	         Final Announcement and Call for Papers
The eighth conference in the TMI series will take place over
August 23-25, 1999 in the historic city of Chester, UK.

In addition to general theoretical and methodological issues, TMI-99
will have a major theme:

	       Modalities and MT: Where can MT be used?

Submissions referring to the above theme are encouraged.  However,
substantial, original, and unpublished research on any other issues
relevant to machine translation and multi-lingual processing are also

Details on submissions and submission guidelines, along with a Latex
style file, can be found on our web site <>.
Papers should be in English, not longer than 10 pages (around 5,000 words).

			   Important dates
Paper submissions due              March 12, 1999  *** tomorrow ***
Acceptance notification            May	 14, 1999
Final copies due                   July	  2, 1999
Conference dates
	   Tutorials:              Aug	 22,    1999
	   Papers and Panels:	   Aug	 23-25, 1999
	   Workshops:		   Aug	 26,    1999

Address for email submissions is <tmi at>.

Tutorial Program:

Two tutorials are being offered.  Participants can choose either a
one-day introduction to MT and translation tools, comprising of five
consecutive sessions, or a half day tutorial on acquiring knowledge
for MT in low density languages.

* Introduction to MT and translation tools
 - Overview                                          John Hutchins
 - Localisation                                      Reinhard Schaeler
 - Translation workstations and translation memory   Ian Gordon
 - Developments at EU translation service            Dimitri Theologitis
 - Evaluation of MT systems                          Jorg Schutz

* Acquisition of Knowledge about                     Sergei Nirenburg
   a Low-Density Language for Use in MT

Full details of the program, including a synopsis of each tutorial, a
schedule, and details of how to register, will be found at the web
site: <>.


After the conference (August 26th), we will hold two one-day workshops
(in parallel).  Both workshops are soliciting submissions on relevant
topics. Full details of the workshops can be found on their web sites.
A short description of each is given below.

Workshop:  Constraints on Machine Interpretation
Conveners: Susanne J. Jekat (Hamburg Uni), Jan Amtrup (CRL)
Email:     jekat at, jamtrup at
Web site:


The translation of spoken utterances (MI, Machine Interpreting) is one
of the most challenging tasks within the field of MT. There are still
several phenomena which are unknown or insufficiently described and
are not accounted for in the systems currently available. These
phenomena affect all stages of processing within MT systems.

As a consequence, an MI system does not only contain the additional
components needed to analyze and synthesize speech, but the core
modules have to be adapted to the demands of speech-to-speech
communication as well.

The workshop ``Constraints on Machine Interpretation'' calls for
contributions relevant for the translation of spoken language,
including, but not limited to: Speech recognition, language
recognition, speaker identification; Prosody and its use in MI
systems; Analysis, transfer and generation of spoken input utterances;
Architecture and design of MI systems and their user interfaces;
Dialog behavior, design and analysis; Evaluation of MI systems.

Workshop:  Problems and Potential of English-to-German MT systems
Convener:  Claudia Gdaniec (IBM  T.J. Watson Research Center)	
Email:     cgdaniec at
Web site:


Many German speakers have had a chance, and a need, to taste
English-German MT translation through the many products available on
the market and through the growing opportunities on the
Internet. Reactions have been anywhere from acceptance to
disappointment to derision.  This workshop is aimed at getting
developers, researchers, and users together for an opportunity to
present, discuss -- and ideally reach some agreement on -- the status
of, and desired and possible improvements to, English-to-German MT

The workshop will address the many areas of MT application: heavy-duty
translation of technical documentation; casual in-house and at-home
translation; on-the-fly Web page translation; MT in information and
knowledge management; MT in electronic commerce; Internet chat and
e-mail translation. There will be presentations of positive and negative
experiences with text types and linguistic quality as well as of
desired priorities in terms of linguistic domains and technical
requirements by users, developers, and researchers.

		    Important dates for workshops

Paper submissions due          April 14, 1999
Acceptance notification        June   1, 1999
Final copies due               July   2, 1999

			   Conference Site

The conference meetings will be held at Chester College, in the city
of Chester UK.  More information about the conference site can be
found at the web site:

TMI-99 is supported by the European Association for Machine
Translation and by Aslib, The Association for Information Management.

TMI-99 Officers:
    Program Chair: Francis Bond, NTT CS Labs, Kyoto
    Local Chairs:  Arturo Trujillo and Harold Somers, UMIST, Manchester
    General Chair: Sergei Nirenburg, NMSU, Las Cruces NM

Please address any further enquiries to the program chair:

Francis Bond			      <bond at>
Machine Translation Research Group
NTT Communication Science Laboratories
2-4 Hikari-dai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto, JAPAN, 619-0237
Tel: 0774-93-5313 (+81)
Fax: 0774-93-5345 (+81)

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