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Tue Mar 16 15:34:19 UTC 1999

From: Jeff ALLEN <jeff at>

Dear colleagues in the field of translation technologies:

As you are aware, the deadline for paper submissions to
Machine Translation (MT) Summit 1999 is soon approaching.

The European Language Resources Association (ELRA)
would like to see if a theme session on language resources
could be organized at the conference if enough papers on the
topic are submitted.

We would highly encourage you to consider proposing a paper
on the theme of language resources/databases/corpora that
are used in MT and other translation systems/applications.

Some subtopics of this general theme include:

- standardization of data and formats;
- validation and quality control of data;
- obtaining and (re)using data produced by third parties;
- legal issues in the use of data produced by third parties;
- reusability of data for diverse applications and purposes;
- the need for corpora, lexica, and terminology resources;
- corpus linguistics studies and the need for resources;
- evaluation of systems using different corpora or other
- (minimum) amount of data needed for the development,
    customization, and implementation of systems;
- porting systems to new areas and new languages in view
    of available or potential resources;
-  etc...

According to the conference submission procedures that are
indicated at , please
mail 4 hardcopies of your papers to:

MT Summit VII
Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation (AAMT)
3F, Shiba-Koen Sanada Bldg.
3-5-12 Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
In addition, please submit an ASCII version of the cover page
electronically to:
aamt0001 at

Important Dates:
15 April 1999 Paper submission deadline
30 May 1999 Notifications
15 July 1999 Final camera-ready copy deadline

Please do not submit paper proposals to ELRA.

Additional information about the MT Summit 99 can be
found at:

September 13 - 17, 1999
MT Summit '99: The 7th Machine Translation Summit
Singapore, Singapore

Best regards,

Jeff Allen and Khalid Choukri
   on behalf of the European Language Resources Association

Jeff ALLEN - Directeur Technique
European Language Resources Association (ELRA)  &
European Language Resources Distribution Agency (ELDA)
(Agence Europienne de Distribution des Ressources Linguistiques)
55, rue Brillat-Savarin
75013   Paris   FRANCE
Tel: (+33) (0) - Fax: (+33) (0)
mailto:jeff at

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