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Wed Oct 6 11:39:15 UTC 1999

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               CALL for CONTRIBUTIONS to

            "Hybrid Approaches to Machine Translation"

            IAI Working-Paper to be published on the Web

               - Please distribute this Call
               - Please contribute to the Collection

In order to offer a general overview over a current topic in Machine
Translation, IAI, the Institute of Applied Information Sciences,
Saarbruecken, Germany intends to compile a collection of research papers
related to the subject:

            "Hybrid Approaches to Machine Translation"

The collection will be published in the form of an IAI Working-paper
to be made available as HTML-document on the web.  We invite papers on
all aspects of the linking of empirical methods (e.g. TMs, SBMT, EBMT,
CBMT) and analytical methods (RBMT) for MT, including but not restricted
to system descriptions, system evaluation, theoretical and historical
considerations with respect to hybrid MT as well as extended summaries
of Master Thesis or PhD Thesis.  Contributions which have been published
earlier are equally welcome, authors however should indicate when and
where this or a similar paper has been published, in order to keep track
of historical dimensions related to the topic.

Contribution which are not written in English should have an extended
abstract in English.

Contributions should be in HTML. All sections and subsections should
be contained in one file. All kinds of graphics should be contained in
separated encapsulated postscript files (EPS).  Use the available tools
to convert word or latex documents into HTML documents. Parts of the
document for which no automatic conversion is possible can be treated
as picture. Contributions should arrive at oliver at
or carl at before 11.11.99.

Papers will be checked as to whether they actually refer to the topic of
hybrid MT. If modifications of the original submission become necessary
for whatever reason, they should arrive before 6.12.99. By the end of
this year, the collection should be available on the web.

If you have any further questions please contact:

Oliver Streiter                     Michael Carl
Academia Sinica                     IAI
Institute of Linguistics            Institute of Applied Information
Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan 115         Saarbruecken, Germany
oliver at         carl at

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