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!!!!!                 LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, USA                      !!!!!!!
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!!!!!                     NOV. 29 -- DEC. 4                            !!!!!!!
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		Contents: 1. Message from the General Chair
			  2. Conference Program
			  3. Registration Information
			  4. Hotel Information
			  5. Sight-seeing trip to
				White Sands National Monument


	  Escape the Northern winter, come to ICLP'99!

I would like to personally invite you to attend the
16th International Conference on Logic Programming, in
Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA.  There are several reasons
why you should attend ICLP'99, some of which I would like
to point out to you:

     1. The program chair, Danny De Schreye, and the program
	committee have assembled an excellent program that
	contains papers on diverse topics, ranging from theory to
	applications. Listening to these papers will give
	you a chance to come abreast with state-of-the-art
	research in Logic Programming. We in the logic programming
	community believe that logic programming is an important
	area of research within Computer Science; attending the
	16th ICLP'99 will give you the opportunity to meet the
	dynamic researchers who are active in Logic Programming
	as well as the chance to appreciate the potential and
	versatility of the Logic Programming paradigm. There are
	several satellite workshops that will also interest you.

     2. Special discount rates have been negotiated with the
	hotels. You can stay for as little as $25 per night
	in one of the (quite decent) conference hotels, provided
	you pair up with someone. A message area has been provided
	at the ICLP web-site where you can communicate with others
	to find a room-mate. The registration fee has been kept to
	the minimum possible. Just registering for ICLP
	allows you to attend any one of the 7 ICLP'99 satellite
	workshop that, for the first time, are being held concurrently
	with the main program thanks to Danny's vision.
	Special student registration rate has been provided, which
	includes the conference proceedings as well as the Banquet.
	A few student scholarships are also available. Preference
	will be give to those students who are presenting a paper
	at ICLP or an ICLP-related event. Contact Prof. Veronical
	Dahl for details (veronica at

     3. The conference will be held in Las Cruces, a small desert
	town in southern New Mexico; famous for its red and green
	Chiles, hot New Mexican food, and its old western traditions.
	Las Cruces and its surrounding areas have numerous tourist
	attractions, most of which are listed on the ICLP'99
	web-site. Possible 1/2, 1, 2 or 3 day trips are also
	shown. I hope that you will have the time to visit some
	of these attractions during your stay. The weather
	in Las Cruces during the winter is quite mild. If you live
	in the Northern latitudes, ICLP'99 gives a chance to escape
	the winter in your homeland, at least for a few days.

     4.	ICLP'99 is being colocated with the 5th International
	Conference on Logic Programming and Non-monotonic
	Reasoning (located in El Paso, just 40 miles away)
	as well as the 1999 Workshop on Natural Language
	Understanding and Logic Programming (located in Las
	Cruces). Special discounts are available if you
	attend any one of these events together with ICLP'99.

     5.	A sightseeing trip is planned to the world renowned
	White Sands National Monument on Friday, Dec. 3rd.
	(visit the ICLP'99 web-site for more details).

			Gopal Gupta
			ICLP'99 General Chair

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***********            TENTATIVE PROGRAM                       **********
***********                                                    **********

Monday Nov. 29:

Main Program:
    9.00 h:  Conference Opening.
    9.10 h:  Invited talk 1: Fernando Pereira:
		Declarative Programming for a Messy World

   10.10 h:  Break

   10.30 h:  Session 1: Knowledge representation:

		Disjunctive Logic Programs with Inheritance,
                 	 F. Buccafurri, W. Faber, N. Leone.
		Event, Property and Hierarchy in Order-Sorted Logic,
               	  	K. Kaneiwa, S. Tojo.
		Temporal Probabilistic Logic Programs,
               	  	A. Dekhtyar, M.I. Dekhtyar, V.S. Subrahmanian.
		An Optimized Prolog Encoding of Typed Feature Structures,
                  	G. Penn

   12.30 h:  Lunch

   14.00 h:  Session 2: Environments:

		A Generic Approach to Monitor Program Executions,
                  	E. Jahier, M. Ducasse.
		Generating Deductive Database Explanations,
                  	S. Mallet, M. Ducasse.

   15.00 h:  Break

   15.30 h:  Session 3: Theory:

		Computing Large and Small Stable Models
                  	M. Truszczynski.
		Algebra of Logic Programming,
                  	S. Seres, M. Spivey, C.A.R. Hoare
		Semantic Definitions for Normal Open Programs,
                 	F. Orejas, E. Pino.
		Declarative Priority In A Concurrent Logic Language ON,
                  	K. Hirata, K. Yamazaki.

   10.30 h: Workshop on Logic Programming Environments
		(interrupted for Session 2)

Tuesday Nov. 30:

Main Program:

    9.00 h:  Invited talk 2: Bernhard Thalheim:
		Logics and Database Modeling.

   10.00 h:  Break

   10.30 h:  Session 4: Constraints:

		Revising Hull and Box Consistency,
                  	F. Benhamou, F. Goualard, L. Granvilliers, J.-F. Puget.
		CLAIRE : Combining Sets, Search and Rules to Better Express Algorithms,
                  	Y. Caseau, F.-X. Josset, F. Laburthe.
		Herbrand Constraint Solving in HAL
                  	B. Demoen, M. Garcia de la Banda, W. Harvey, K. Marriott, P. Stuckey.
		Comparing Trailing and Copying for Constraint Programming,
                  	C. Schulte

   12.30 h:  Lunch

   14.00 h:  Invited talk 3: Ken Bowen:
		Adventures in the Prolog Trade.

   14.40 h:  Break

   15.00 h:  Session 5: Implementation:

		Stack-Splitting: a Simple Technique for Implementing
		Or-Parallelism and And-parallelism on Distributed Machines,
                  	G. Gupta, E. Pontelli.
		Mutable terms in a Tabled Logic Programming System,
                  	B. Cui, D. S. Warren.
		Concurrency in Prolog Using Threads and a Shared Database,
                  	M. Carro, M. Hermenegildo.

   17.00 h:  Prolog Competition.

   10.30 h:  Workshop on Logical Inference with Artificial Neural Networks.
   10.30 h:  Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems in Logic.

Wednesday Dec. 1:

Main Program:

    9.00 h:  Session 6: Termination analysis:

		Proving Termination of Input-Consuming Logic Programs,
                  	J.-G. Smaus.
		Bounded Nondeterminism of Logic Programs,
                  	D. Pedreschi, S. Ruggieri.
		Termination Analysis for Abductive General Logic Programs,
                  	S. Verbaeten.

   10.30 h:  Break

   11.00 h:  Session 7: Higher-order:

		The Relative Complement Problem For Higher-Order Patterns,
                  	A. Momigliano, F. Pfenning.
		Extensionality of Simply Typed Logic Programs,
                  	M. Bezem.
		Lightweight Lemmas in Lambda Prolog,
                  	A. W. Appel, A. P. Felty.

   12.30 h:  Lunch

   14.30 h:  Session 8: Nonmonotonic Reasoning:

                Well-Founded Abduction via Tabled Dual Programs,
                  	J. Alferes, L.M. Pereira, T. Swift,
                Optimization of Disjunctive Queries,
                  	S. Greco.
                Well-Founded Semantics by Transformation: The Non-Ground Case,
                 	U. Zukowski, B. Freitag.
                Monotonicity in Rule Based Update,
                  	Y. Zhang.

   16.30 h:  Break

   17.00 h:  Invited talk 4: Vladimir Lifschitz:
		Answer Set Planning.

   19.00 h:  Conference Dinner. Banquet Speaker: Frank Harary


    9.00 h:  Workshop on Parallelism and Implementation Technology for
		(Constraint) Logic Programming Languages.
   11.00 h:  Workshop on Verification in Logic Programs.

Thursday Dec. 2:

    9.00 h:  Tutorial 1: Peter Van Roy:
		Logic and Constraint Programming with Mozart.

   10.00 h:  Break

   10.30 h:  (Regular) Posters (and Demonstrations) Session.

   12.30 h:  Lunch

   14.00 h:  Tutorial 2: Manuel Hermenegildo:
		Program Analysis, Debugging, and Optimization with the
                	CIAO System Preprocessor.

   15.00 h:  Break

   15.30 h:  Session 9: Analysis and Transformation:

		Transforming Inductive Definitions,
                  	A. Pettorossi, M. Proietti.
		Binding-Time Analysis for Mercury,
                  	W. Vanhoof, M. Bruynooghe.

   16.45 h:  Meeting of the Association of Logic Programming.

   10.30 h:  Workshop on Distributed and Internet Programming with Logic and
		Constraint Languages.
   El Paso:  International Conference on Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic
		Reasoning begins (Dec.2- Dec 4)

Friday Dec. 3:

    9.00 h:  Tutorial 3: Ken Kahn:
		From Prolog and Zelda to ToonTalk.

   10.00 h:  Break

   10.30 h:  Session 10: Constraint applications:
		Solving TSP with Time Windows with Constraints,
                  	F. Focacci, A. Lodi, M. Milano.
		Finding Fair Allocations for the Coalition Problem with Constraints,
                  	E. Tick, M. J. Maher, R. H.C. Yap.
		Constraint-based Round Robin Tournament Planning,
                  	M. Henz.

   12.00 h:  Lunch

   01.30 h:  Session 11:Extensions:

		Logic Programming with Requests,
                  	S. Etalle, F. van Raamsdonk.
		ACI1 Constraints,
                 	A. Dovier, C. Piazza, E. Pontelli, G. Rossi.
		Declarative Pruning in a Functional Query Language.
                 	M. Osorio, B. Jayaraman, J.C. Nieves.

   15.00 h:  Closing.

   15:15 h:  Departure for a tour of White Sands National Monument
		(a small fee may have to be paid for the tour)

   10.30 h:  Workshop on Optimisation and Implementation of Declarative
		Programming Languages.
   Co-located:  International Workshop on Natural Language Understanding and
		Logic Programming. (Dec. 3 - 4)

Special event:
   10.30 h:  Open poster session.

***********                                                    **********
***********          REGISTRATION INFORMATION                  **********
***********                                                    **********

Register electronically through the ICLP'99 web-site
                                                                                                					      Non-ALP Members     ALP Members
Non Students (Before October 30)

Attending ICLP and Workshops 			   $400 	      $375
Attending ICLP and also registering for LPNMR      $275               $250
Attending NLULP only                               $100               $80
Attending NLULP (in addition to ICLP)              $50                $40
Attending one ICLP Workshop                        $50                $40

Students (Before October 30):
Attending ICLP and Workshops                       $225               $200
Attending ICLP and also registering for LPNMR      $200               $175
Attending NLULP (only)                             $100               $80
Attending NLULP (in addition to ICLP)              $50                $40
Attending one ICLP Workshop                        $50                $40

Non Students (After October 30):
Attending ICLP and Workshops                       $450               $425
Attending ICLP and also registering for LPNMR      $325               $300
Attending NLULP (only)                             $150               $130
Attending NLULP (with ICLP)                        $75                $65
Attending one ICLP Workshop                        $75                $65

Attending ICLP and Workshops                       $275               $250
Attending ICLP and also registering for LPNMR      $250               $225
Attending NLULP (only)                             $150               $130
Attending NLULP (in addition to ICLP)              $75                $65
Attending one ICLP Workshop                        $75                $65

If you are paying by credit card, please add 4% to your total (for the
fee that the bank charges for processing credit cards).

The full conference registration entitles you to attend ICLP sessions and
activities as well as all workshops being held with ICLP except NLULP.
However, you will be given the proceedings of only one workshop of your
choice. Extra proceedings of the other workshops can be bought for $15 each.
For non-ALP members the registration fee also includes free 1 year membership to
Association for Logic Programming. The registration fee includes all
coffee-breaks  on all days, the ICLP'99 proceedings and the banquet
(lunches are not included).

For those attending LPNMR in El Paso there is a special reduced registration
rate. However, you will get this rate only if you register separately with
LPNMR and pay their registration fee as well. The reduced registration rate
includes the Banquet and the proceedings, and entitles you to attend
ICLP'99 sessions and workshops on Monday (Nov 29), Tuesday (Nov 30)
and Wednesday (Dec 1).

Student registration rates include proceedings  of ICLP as well as the banquet.


If you cancel before October 30th, you will be refunded 100% of your fee minus
$50 processing fee. If you cancel after October 30th, you'll get 75% of your
money back. However, a minimum of $50 will be charged as processing fee.

***********                                                    **********
***********                 HOTEL INFORMATION                  **********
***********                                                    **********

Sleep Inn: 5 minutes walking from Conference Site: Single or Double $47 per night

Comfort Suites: 5 minutes walking from Conference Site: Single or Double $59 per night

Holiday Inn: 25 minutes walking from Conference Site: Single $52; Double $57

Las Cruces Hilton: 1 hour walking from Conference Site: Single $60; Double $70

Days Inn: 30 minutes walking from Conference Site: Single $41; Double $46

Sleep Inn and Comfort Suites are conference recommended hotels. For making your
hotel reservation visit the ICLP'99 web site:

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