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Mon Oct 11 08:56:08 UTC 1999

Date: jeudi 7 octobre 1999 02:58
From: Bradley Music <brmusic at> by way of Fiammetta NAMER <Fiammetta.NAMER at>

French Computational Linguist
Natural Language Group
Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, WA   USA

The French computational linguist will join our team within the Natural
Language Group at corporate headquarters in Redmond, WA.  This team works on
enhancing & extending a computational grammar & text critiquing (grammar
checking) system for French, in accordance with the overall architecture of
the Microsoft Natural Language Understanding system.  Initial emphasis is on
understanding the component for the text critiquing system, followed by the
component for syntactic analysis. S/he will also be testing the syntactic
analysis & text critiques.

The technology developed in this team will ship in the next version of
Microsoft Office, and will be used by millions of people!  Customer focus
and concern for the user experience are top priorities.

Qualifications should include experience in linguistic research and software
development, a product focus, familiarity with natural language processing,
a flexible approach to linguistic theory, and an advanced degree in
linguistics, computer science or a related discipline. Native proficiency in
French is required; practical experience with NLP implementation issues is
highly desired.

To apply for this position, please submit your CV/resume online to
NLJOBS at <mailto:NLJOBS at>.  For faster processing,
reference code brm0001.

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