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1/ From:  Mark Turner <mturner at>
   Subject:  Research Position in Natural Language Processing

2/ From:  <DamicoLynne at>
   Subject:  Computational and Russian Linguists

3/ From:  "Berman, Jules (NCI)" <bermanj at>
   Subject:  Software Development/Medical Text

4/ From:  Pfaraud at
   Subject:  Speech and Language Technologies

5/ From:  Ulrike Sperling <cicd at>
   Subject:  Computational Ling: Internship in Seattle

6/ From: "Noord G.J.M. van" <vannoord at>
   Subject: Job opportunities in Groningen, Netherlands

1/ From:  Mark Turner <mturner at>
   Subject:  Research Position in Natural Language Processing

  Research Position in Natural Language Processing

Highland Technologies, a leader in document imaging and management, is
seeking a researcher in natural language processing.

The Research and Development group at Highland does applied research
in text extraction, retrieval, classification, mining, OCR, and
related areas.  Our work will be expanding to include relational data
mining.  Highland has access to unique corpora and welcomes your
research ideas.

Candidates should have a degree in NLP, linguistics (any specialty),
computer science, mathematics, or statistics, and have experience with
NLP or text processing in a university, government, or private

Proficiency in C, C++ and/or Java is required.  Experience with Perl,
sed, awk, and similar tools is helpful.

Highland Technologies is located in Lanham, Maryland, in the greater
Washington, D.C. area.  We offer competitive salaries, including
profit sharing, as well as a full benefits package.

Please contact:

    Mark Turner, Manager of Research and Development
    Highland Technologies, Inc.
    4303 Forbes Boulevard
    Lanham, MD  20706 USA
    e-mail: mturner at
    tel. +1.301.306.8290 ext. 290
    fax. +1.301.306.8201


2/ From:  <DamicoLynne at>
   Subject:  Computational and Russian Linguists

Company in Fairfax, VA is looking to hire a Computational
Linguist and a Russian linguist.  30-80 hours per month, as needed. Salary
depends on qualifications and experience.  Must have US citizenship.
Security clearance preferred.  E-mail resume to <DamicoLynne at>


3/ From:  "Berman, Jules (NCI)" <bermanj at>
   Subject:  Software Development/Medical Text

New NIH Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program contract  proposals
have just been announced and are available at:

Attached is a contract announcement that may be of interest to you or your
company.  If you have any questions regarding this  contract proposal , they
must be referred through NCI's  SBIR  Contracting Officer:

     Mr. Joseph Bowe
     Phone: (301) 435-3810
     Fax: (301) 480-0309
     E-mail: jb166i at

179 Encoding Surgical Pathology Data into Standard Nomenclature within
XML The Resources Development Branch of the Cancer Diagnosis Program
is seeking software development proposals to convert surgical
pathology report data into XML documents containing tagged encrypted
identifiers, tagged demographics, and tagged medical codes (UMLS or
SNOMED, or SNOMED + LOINC). The long-term goal is to convert pathology
data into a structure and format that will support queries from
standard network protocols. Applicants will develop algorithms to
parse pathology reports into fields,then sentences, then text phrases
and will match the text phrases with a coded standard
nomenclature. The parsing/matching algorithms may use term frequency
tables, grammatical rules, context sensitivity, or other algorithmic
approaches, but the proposal must explain and justify the proposed
algorithms. The proposed algorithms should provide a way of dealing
with misspellings, negations, run-on sentences, and improperly
inconsistently delimited sentences. The applicant will propose and
describe methodology to assess the accuracy of coding. Phase 1
(feasibility) will consist of the development and testing (for
accuracy) of implementations that convert the text of actual pathology
reports into medical codes. Phase 2 involves the preparation of
software to produce XML files that encapsulate the tagged coded data
as described in the following requirements. The applicant will design
a DTD (Data Type Declaration) for the XML file to include the fields
and subfields of data contained in pathology reports (e.g. surgical
pathology case number, coded patient identifier(s), date of biopsy,
demographics, clinical history, specimen type, specimen number,
diagnosis, microscopic description, comment). The software application
will be developed using a collection of textually real pathology
reports consisting of a combined total of at least 5,000 surgical
pathology reports acquired from at least two institutions with which
the applicant has formed appropriate collaborations. The reports may
be made false or anonymized by the collaborating institution so that
the software developer receives the report files in a format from
which patients cannot be identified (e.g. patient names can be encoded
via a one-way hash, and each piece of demographic information can be
translated to a false data element). The software implementation will
convert electronic files of surgical pathology reports into XML
documents wherein the original text has been converted to coded
medical terms. The accuracy of the software implementation should be
tested by comparison with a separate set of reports (at least 200)
that have been manually encoded and manually converted to XML
files. The implementation of the algorithms will be written in Perl or
Java, with well-annotated source code, and must be designed to have a
practical GUI and to permit software users to upload pathology reports
over the Internet and to view the XML output on an XML-capable web browser.


4/ From:  Pfaraud at
   Subject:  Speech and Language Technologies

- ---------------------------------
- ---------------------------------

At the center of a rapidly expanding worldwide market

Lernout & Hauspie ( L&H TM) is a world leader in the field of advanced speech
and language technologies, products, solutions and services.
Its core technologies include automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech,
digital speech compression, text-to-text language translation, and linguistic
With more than 1,700 employees worldwide, primarily speech linguists,
scientists, and engineers, the company's research and development operations
comprise one of the most largest commercial speech and linguistics
laboratories in the world.
The company is commited to the idea that the human voice is the most natural
interface for use with virtually any device or software program, and that
globalization and growth of the internet requires real-time translation for
multiple languages.
Our goal is to provide easy-to-use technologies and products that enable
people to interact by voice with the machine that surround them, regardless
of the language they speak.

J In 1998, Revenues increased by more than 100 % for the fourth straight year.
J In early 1999, Microsoft increased its investment in L&H , adding $15
million and raising its ownership position to 7%.
J Also in early 1999, Intel has invested $30 million in L&H.

For more information, please visit Lernout & Hauspie on the World Wide Web at or .


This division provides solutions to OEMs and corporate customers, based on
L&H speech and language technologies. These can be software development kits,
user interface modules, or entire applications.

The division is organized in department for the following market : Embedded
solutions, PC/Multimedia, Automobile and Telecommunication.


The telecom department is part of the TECHNOLOGIES & SOLUTIONS Division.

The telecom department sells dialog applications (i.e. Interactive Speech
Systems) through specific customer projects, that allow end-users to
communicate with the computer using ordinary speech devices such as
These applications are build using L&H advanced ASR and TTS engines, and
could take place within call centers solutions. They greatly reduce costs,
increase the availibility of the call centres, raise productivity and, last
but not the least, offer a powerful service to the end user.
Applications examples : banking services, flight reservation system, stock
market, E Commerce, â¦

- --------------------------------------------------------------
THE JOB:  Linguiste  Departement Telecom
- --------------------------------------------------------------


Integre au sein de notre equipe technique, vous participez a la realisation :
- de Serveurs Vocaux Interactifs (SVI), dans le cadre de nos projets de
centre d'appels,
- en utilisant les technologies avancees de reconnaissance et de synthese
vocale du leader mondial,
- pour le compte de nos clients et partenaires,
- et sous la responsabilite d'un chef de projet.

Vous assistez le chef de projet dans la conception generale du systeme de
dialogue interactif,  et dans la definition detaillee de l'arborescence et de
l'ergonomie du dialogue.
Vous etes en charge du parametrage du moteur de reconnaissance de la voix. Ce
moteur de reconnaissance necessite un formalisme specifique (recognition
grammars) pour reconnaetre et comprendre les expressions des utilisateurs, a
chaque etape du dialogue.
Vous participez activement a la mise au point du systeme (Wizard of OZ), et
aux differentes etapes de test.
Vous menez des enquetes pour connaitre la satisfaction des utilisateurs du
systeme, et vous en analysez les resultats.

Poste base a Marne La Vallee (77) FRANCE


Formation :
-  Universitaire avec specialisation en linguistique

Experiences professionnelles :
- Vous justifiez idealement d'une experience sur les technologies appliquees
au langage.
- Vous savez construire des " Recognition Grammars ", ou vous avez une
experience en programmation informatique.
- Les candidatures des debutants seront etudiees

Vous etes rigoureux, vous appreciez le travail en equipe, et vous avez le
sens de la relation client. Une competence fonctionnelle sur un metier
vertical serait un plus tres apprecie.

Langues :
- Votre langue maternelle est le francais
- Bon niveau d'anglais indispensable

Merci d'adresser votre dossier de candidature (lettre, CV, photo) a :
A l'attention de Patrice Faraud
44, avenue Georges Pompidou
92300 Levallois-Perret FRANCE
Tel : 01 41 49 98 70
Fax : 01 41 49 98 71


5/ From:  Ulrike Sperling <cicd at>
   Subject:  Computational Ling: Internship in Seattle

Internship in Computational Linguistics / Software Development

Company Description: World-leading Software Globalization Company based
in Seattle, represented by Center for International Career Development

Contact: Ulrike Sperling

Start date: Immediately

Type of Internship: Information Technology, software R & D in
Computational Linguistics

Description of Internship:
Number of internship positions: 1 - 4
Length: 9-12 months
Salary: Between US$1400-1800 per month

One of the world's largest global players in service and software
globalization needs for its Research Development department
computational linguist interns with qualifications including the

- Experience with parsing methods (ATN, top-down parsers...)
- Phrase structured grammar
- Pattern matching and keyword extraction
- Tokenizing tools and their implementations in various systems
- Lexicographic applications of dictionary structures
- Language/phrase recognition
- Programming skills in PERL and C++
- CGI scripting and HTML
- Semantic encoding of nouns (selectional constraints)
- International focus, experience(s) and language(s)
- Machine Translation and Translation Memory

Internship will focus on R&D methods with development of query patterns
and natural language data processing for cutting edge information
retrieval systems (search engines and other information retrieval

Bringing companies into the global marketplace is an integral part of
the Company's services. Its international localization and testing
capabilities are among the most extensive in the software industry.
Testing and Certification Centers in all major markets around the world
perform linguistic and usability testing, and conduct full certification
using localized test suites on localized platforms. The Company's
expertise extends to a wide array of products including office suites,
graphics, networking, database management, programming languages,
operating systems, printers, scanners, digital photography, and
multimedia authoring tools.


6/ From: "Noord G.J.M. van" <vannoord at>
   Subject: Job opportunities in Groningen, Netherlands

Research opportunities

                           Algorithms for
                        Linguistic Processing

Algorithms for Linguistic Processing is a five year PIONIER research
project in the area of computational linguistics. The project focuses
on problems of ambiguity and processing efficiency by investigating
grammar approximation and grammar specialization techniques. The
project is located at the University of Groningen, Netherlands, and
starts at the end of 1999. It is funded by NWO (Netherlands
Organization for Scientific Research).

The project description is available on line at:


Within the next few months, we will be looking to fill two 3-year post-doc
positions and several 4-year Ph.D. positions:

   * 1 post-doc and 1 ph-d Lexically Sensitive Disambiguation techniques
   * 1 ph-d Empirical Aspects of Finite State Language Processing
   * 1 post-doc Formal Aspects of Finite State Language Processing
   * 1 ph-d Grammar Development for Dutch
   * 1 ph-d Linguistic Search Tool for Bare Text Corpora

Further information is available from:

Gertjan van Noord,  vannoord at
Alfa-Informatica,   University of Groningen
PO Box 716, 9700 AS Groningen, Netherlands

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