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1/ From: Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
   Subject: Large Corpora & Annotation Standards at ANLP/NAACL2000

2/ From: radev at
   Subject: ANLP/NAACL workshop on Automatic Summarization


1/ From: Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
   Subject: Large Corpora & Annotation Standards at ANLP/NAACL2000

                     Large Corpora and Annotation Standards


                     Held in conjunction with ANLP/NAACL'00
                             Seattle, Washington
                              4 May 2000 1-6pm

            This meeting is intended to bring together researchers and
            developers from a variety of domains in text, speech,
            video, etc., to look broadly at the technical issues that
            bear on the development of software systems and standards
            for the annotation and exploitation of linguistic
            resources. The goal is to lay the groundwork for the
            definition of a data and system architecture to support
            corpus annotation and exploitation that can be widely
            adopted within the community.

            Among the issues to be addressed are:

                -   layered data architectures
                -   system architectures for distributed databases
                -   support for plurality of annotation schemes
                -   impact and use of XML/XSL
                -   support for multimedia, including speech and video
                -   tools for creation, annotation, query and access
                -   of corpora
                -   mechanisms for linkage of annotation and primary
                -   applicability of semi-structured data models,
                -   search and query systems, etc.
                -   evaluation/validation of systems and annotations

            The motivation for this meeting is the American National
            Corpus (ANC) effort, which should begin corpus creation
            within the year. We anticipate that the ANC will provide a
            significant resource for natural language processing, and
            we therefore seek to identify state-of-the-art methods for
            its creation, annotation, and exploitation. Also, as a
            national and freely available resource, the data and
            system architecture of the ANC is likely to become a de
            facto standard. We therefore hope to draw together leading
            researchers and developers to establish a basis for the
            design of a system to support the creation and use of the

                                       Provisional Program

                   Overview of the American National Corpus Effort
                      Nancy Ide and Catherine Macleod

                   Searching Linguistically Annotated Corpora
                      Chris Brew

                   Considerations for Large Corpus Annotation:
                   Intercoder Reliability
                      Rebecca Bruce and Janyce Wiebe

                   The XML Framework and Its Implications for Large
                   Corpus Access
                      Nancy Ide

                   The ATLAS System
                      John Henderson

                   Annotation Standards and Their Impact on Large
                   Corpus Development
                      Nicoletta Calzolari

                   A Framework for Multi-level Linguistic Annotation
                      Patrice Lopez and Laurent Romary

                   Discussion : Requirements for the ANC

          A related workshop will be held at the LREC conference on
          May 29-30, 2000. See


          Nancy Ide
          Professor and Chair
          Department of Computer Science
          Vassar College
          Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-0520 USA
          Tel: +1 914 437-5988 Fax: +1 914 437-7498
          ide at


2/ From: radev at
   Subject: ANLP/NAACL workshop on Automatic Summarization


                 Workshop on Automatic Summarization

                        Sunday, April 30, 2000

                             Westin Hotel
                          Seattle, WA 48103


      (until April 20)


09:10-09:25 Introduction

09:25-10:15 Session on Content Selection

            Concept Identification and Presentation in the Context of
            Technical Text Summarization
               Horacio Saggion and Guy Lapalme, DIRO-Universite de Montreal

            Mining Discourse Markers for Chinese Textual Summarization
               Samuel W. K. Chan, Tom B. Y. Lai, W. J. Gao, and
               Benjamin K. Tsou, City University of Hong Kong

10:15-10:40 Session on Visualization

            Multi-document Summarization by Visualizing Topical Content
               Rie Kubota Ando, Branimir K. Boguraev, Roy J. Byrd, and
               Mary S. Neff, Cornell University, and IBM Research

10:40-11:05 Coffee Break (provided)

11:05-12:20 Session on Multi-Document Summarization

            Centroid-based summarization of multiple documents:
            sentence extraction, utility-based evaluation, and user
               Dragomir R. Radev, Hongyan Jing, Margo Budzikowska,
               University of Michigan, Columbia University, and IBM

            Extracting Key Paragraph based on Topic and Event
            Detection - Towards Multi-Document Summarization
               Fumiyo Fukumoto and Yoshimi Suzuki, Yamanashi University

            Multi-Document Summarization By Sentence Extraction
               Jade Goldstein, Vibhu Mittal, Jaime Carbonell, and Mark
               Kantrowitz, Carnegie Mellon University and Just Research

12:20-01:50 Lunch Break (on your own)

01:50-03:05 Session on Evaluation

            A Text Summarizer in Use: Lessons Learned from Real World
            Deployment and Evaluation
               Mary Ellen Okurowski, Harold Wilson, Joacquin Urbina,
               Tony Taylor, Ruth Colvin Clark, and Frank Krapcho,
               Department of Defense, SRA Corp, Clark Training &
               Consulting, and Kathpal Technologies Inc.

            Evaluation of Phrase-representation Summarization based on
            Information Retrieval Task
               Mamiko Oka and Yoshihiro Ueda, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

            A Comparison of Rankings Produced by Summarization
            Evaluation Measures
               Robert L.Donaway, Kevin W. Drummey, and Laura
               A. Mather, Department of Defense and, Inc.

03:05-03:30 Coffee Break (provided)

03:30-04:30 Panel on "Language Modeling in Text Summarization"

04:30-04:55 Session on Multimedia Summarization

            Using Summarization for Automatic Briefing Generation
               Inderjeet Mani, Kristian Concepcion, and Linda van
               Guilder, MITRE Corporation

04:55-06:00 Panel on "Summarization: Industry Perspectives"

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