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RIAO 2000

6th Conference on "Content-Based Multimedia Information Access"

College de France (Paris, France)
April 12-14, 2000

Final Announcement


Organized by: C.I.D. (France) and C.A.S.I.S. (USA)

Under the sponsorship of the European Commission, the French Ministry of
Education, Research and Technology, the DGA, the CEA, ELRA and ELSNET

With the collaboration of AII, ASIS, ESCA and AUF/Francil

For the Final Conference Program and Registration, please visit the Web

The theme of the conference is "Content-Based Multimedia Information
Access". The conference scope will range from the traditional processing of
text documents to the rapidly growing field of automatic indexing and
retrieval of images and speech and, more generally, to all processing of
audio-visual and multimedia information on various distribution venues,
including the Net. The conference is of interest for several scientific
communities, including Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing,
Spoken Language Processing, Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction and
Digital Libraries. RIAO 2000 will, thereby, serve as a forum for
cross-discipline initiatives and innovative applications.

RIAO 2000 will present recent scientific progress, demonstrations of
prototypes resulting from this research as well as the most innovative
products now appearing on the market.

The Conference Advance Program is highlighted by contributions of authors
from 26 countries. The program includes 2 invited speakers, 3 panel
sessions, 3 plenary sessions, 8 poster sessions and 16 oral sessions. Among
all sessions are 145 papers (75 oral and 70 poster presentations),
providing a unique opportunity to present and discuss in depth the
state-of-the-art in this rapidly growing scientific and technological field.

There will also be many innovative application demonstrations presented by
companies from different countries. The application committee has already
selected about 20 of them covering various applications such as
crosslingual English-Arabic Internet search, recognition of printed and
handwritten texts, television archives retrieval, sign language indexing,
machine translation, etc.

For more information on the program, conference location and registration,
please visit the Web site :

or contact us at:

- For all scientific matters: riao2000 at
- For all organizational, technical and practical matters:
cidcol at

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