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Tue Apr 18 16:54:09 UTC 2000


1/ From: Philippe Monnier <phmonnier at>
   Subject: Appel a Candidature

2/ From: MIT2USA at
   Subject: MIT2 / CreoleTrans Joint Press Release

3/ From: Naomi Hallan <naomi.hallan at>
   Subject: Chemnitz University

4/ From:  Anna Bjarnestam <anna.bjarnestam at>
   Subject:  Linguistic Programmer at Getty Images, Washington USA

5/ From:  Kathleen Black <kat at>
   Subject:  Comp Linguist at Cycorp, Inc., Austin Texas USA


1/ From: Philippe Monnier <phmonnier at>
   Subject: Appel a Candidature


Dans le cadre d'un projet d'envergure d'innovation technologique soutenu
par l'ANVAR, la société STARTEM, spécialisée dans la gestion de
l'information internationale et multimédia recherche son responsable de
la recherche et du développement. Il travaillera dans un cadre
pluridisciplinaire (informatique, linguistique, ergonomie) à
l'élaboration d'une chaîne de traitement de l'information intégrant des
NTIC. Il exercera son activité dans le cadre d'une équipe de projet
transversale ayant pour objectif l'augmentation de la productivité.

 Dans le cadre de la chaîne de traitement de l'information :
- Il accompagnera la société dans le choix des solutions technologiques
et assurera le suivi de leur mise en place.
- Il coordonnera l'intégration des modules de TALN plurilingue
(catégorisation des textes ; extraction d'informations ; génération
automatique de textes).
- Il sera responsable des argumentaires portant sur les choix
technologiques de la société à destination des organismes
institutionnels susceptibles d'être intéressés par le projet.
- Il coordonnera les différentes collaborations avec des laboratoires de
recherche et encadrera les stagiaires et postdoc travaillant sur le

Profil :
- Formation : docteur ou ingenieur experimenté
- Domaine d'expertise : Informatique, TALN, linguistique ;
- Connaissances informatiques indispensables : Java; Perl; C++;
- Une expérience en entreprise est necessaire,
- Une experience dans des projets europeens serait un plus
- Une formation complementaire en gestion de projet serait un atout.
- Anglais courrant necessaire (oral / ecrit).

Procédure :
Envoyer CV et lettre de motivation à Marion Denneulin
Email : mdenneulin at
60 rue de Ponthieu
75008 Paris

2/ From: MIT2USA at
   Subject: MIT2 / CreoleTrans Joint Press Release

Strategic Partnering for Haitian Creole Translation Services

Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2), a software developer
and service provider specialized in language processing solutions
for Creole languages, and CreoleTrans, a Haitian Creole language
translation service provider, announce the forming of a strategic
partnership to co-market and cross-sell their Workflow
management technologies and translation services in order to
expand functionality and effectiveness of both companies.

MIT2, creator of the range of CreoleScan(tm) OCR and
CreoleConvert(tm) orthography conversion software programs,
provides written language stabilization solutions and productivity
tools for processing texts in Creole and other minority and
vernacular languages. CreoleTrans is comprised of an
experienced team of Haitian Creole translators and editors and
has a broad customer base including publishers, universities,
schools and education systems, and government agencies.
CreoleTrans would be the first Haitian Creole translation
provider to use MIT2's software tools for producing and
validating Creole (source or target language) texts.

For more information, please contact:

Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd
P.O. Box 181015, Boston, Massachusetts 02118 USA
Tel: (+1) 617 247-8885, Fax: (+1) 617 262-8923
E-mail: mit2usa at

470 NE 210 Circle Terrace #203, Miami, FL 33179 USA
Tel: (+1) 305 770-9252, Fax: (+1) 305 690-5933
E-mail: info at

Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd
P.O. Box 181015
Boston, MA  02118  USA
(617) 247-8885 (office & answering machine)
(617) 262-8923 (FAX)
MIT2USA at (e-mail)
Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd Home Page:
Orthographically Converted HC Texts Download Site:
Meet Marilyn Mason:
MIT2 Job Opportunities


3/ From: Naomi Hallan <naomi.hallan at>
   Subject: Chemnitz University

WANTED: Graduate (Languages/Linguistics/Teaching/...) with good
Internet-computing skill

The English Linguistics department at the Chemnitz University of Technology
is looking for someone to join an on-going research project. The post would
be initially for 18 months, with a possibility of an extension if there is a
further phase of the project,  starting on 1st June 2000 or as soon as
possible thereafter. Payment is on the Bat IIa (Ost) scale, with the salary
level dependent on age and experience. The project, "Learner Behaviour in
the Internet Grammar",, is part
of an inter-disciplinary research group "New media in everyday life", funded
by the German Research Association (Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft).

What is the Internet Grammar?
We are building a grammar-learning environment, accessible using a
web-browser, for advanced learners of English. We are using material from a
variety of corpora, including our own English-German Translation Corpus, to
provide examples and material for exercises wherever possible. The software
infra-structure which we have designed makes it possible to track user
behaviour in great detail, and we are hoping to discover how different types
of learners interact with language teaching material presented on the Web.

What would you do?
We need someone to take over the care of our software infra-structure and
help us to develop it further. You would work with the other members of the
team, who are responsible for designing and writing content and, in part,
for preparing it for insertion in the grammar. Your tasks would be:
(a) to maintain the existing structures, which involve cgi scripts, corpus
search facilities and interactive animations, as well as the more
conventional elements of a web-site;
(b) to assist with the extraction and analysis of learner data;
(d) to help extend the functionality of the grammar, both for users and
researchers, through the development of new features and the improvement of
existing ones.

You will have a degree in a relevant subject and be able to show possession
of the necessary software skills - such as cgi and perl or javascript, in
addition to html - or a willingness to acquire them very rapidly. You should
also have an interest in the use of the Web and corpora for language
teaching and learning. You should enjoy working in a team and value the
opportunity to help with the further development of our project. The working
language of the project is English, so fluency would be an advantage.

Working in Chemnitz?
Apart from the satisfaction of helping to see an exciting research project
to its completion, you would have the advantage of a stimulating university
environment in a city which is growing and changing every day. Low rents for
well-equipped apartments in elegant newly restored houses; leafy suburbs,
beautiful countryside; a varied and vigorous cultural life (opera,
world-class art exhibitions, cabaret . . . ); all these in one of the most
enterprising and economically active cities in the "new" German states.

Please send a CV and covering letter as soon as possible to:
Prof. Dr. Josef  Schmied
Englische Sprachwissenschaft
Technische Universit”t Chemnitz
D-09107 Chemnitz, Germany.
e-mail to: realcentre at
For more information about the project:


4/ From:  Anna Bjarnestam <anna.bjarnestam at>
   Subject:  Linguistic Programmer at Getty Images, Washington USA

Rank of Job: Full Time Permanent
Areas Required: Linguistic Programmer
Other Desired Areas: Technology
University or Organization: Getty Images
Department: Getty Technology Group
State or Province: Washington
Country: USA
Final Date of Application: 05/30/2000
Contact: Anna Bjarnestam anna.bjarnestam at

Address for Applications:
Getty Images, 701, N 34th Street, Suite 400
WA 98103

Job - Linguistic Programmer

Responsibilities - Getty Images have vast sources of text attached to
imagery that need to be indexed automatically in some manner for
searching and retrieval purposes. Primary responsibilities involve
development of a semantic or syntactic tagger for natural language
English. The tagger should be based on a controlled vocabulary developed
and currently in use at Getty Images. The most important aspect of the
work is the programming of these NLP tools, rather than finding
linguistic solutions for functionality designs etc. Other job tasks
involve metadata integration projects, various smaller NLP tool
developments and machine-readable vocabulary development. This work is
mainly for the creative professional (gettyone) and the editorial Getty
Images channels (gettysource), see

Qualifications -
- Strong programming skills (knowledge of C++, Perl or other)
- Some knowledge of grammatical theories is preferred
- Some understanding of NL parsing theory (which may include statistical
  and/or corpus-based parsing methods, tagger development)
- Experience in computational lexicography or computational linguistics
  and online dictionary development andawareness of current NLP technology
  and available vocabularies
- A degree in linguistics or computer science or a closely related
  discipline is preferred.


5/ From:  Kathleen Black <kat at>
   Subject:  Comp Linguist at Cycorp, Inc., Austin Texas USA

Rank of Job: --
Areas Required: --
Other Desired Areas: --
University or Organization: Cycorp, Inc.
Department: Natural Language Development
State or Province: TX
Country: USA
Final Date of Application: none
Contact: Kathleen Black kat at

Address for Applications:
3721 Executive Center Drive, Suite 100
TX 78731

Cycorp ( has begun to harness the power of its
Cyc(TM) common sense knowledge base and reasoning system to do
semantic and pragmatic disambiguation of English. Currently we are
working on new and exciting clarification dialogue interfaces for Cyc
itself and for Cyc-based applications. These include applications for
smart Web searching, question and answer dialogues, and speech
understanding, to name just a few.

Join the team building this one-of-a-kind interactive dialogue front
end. You will create formal representations of natural language
expressions and phenomena, as well as develop applications to exploit
such representations.

Candidates for these positions must be familiar with formal logic,
and have sound fundamentals in English usage, syntax, and semantics.
In addition, one or more of the following would be a plus:

  Knowledge of discourse structure, pragmatics, and dialog modeling
  Experience with the influence of semantic distinctions on syntax
  Familiarity with formal semantic analysis
  Facility with knowledge representation and other AI tools and
  Knowledge of constraint-based grammatical theories
  Understanding of NL parsing theory (statistical, corpus-based, etc.)
  Experience in applying that knowledge (computational NLU systems)
  Experience in computational lexicography
  Experience in natural language generation
  Knowledge of NL interface design and human cognitive considerations
  Programming skills, especially in Lisp or Scheme

General Information:

All technical positions at Cycorp involve working with the Cyc(TM)
technology -- an immense, broad, multi-contextual knowledge base and
efficient inference system which our group has developed over the last
16 years and 400 person-years. The Cyc knowledge base, spanning
fundamental "consensus" human knowledge, enables a multitude of
knowledge-intensive products and services which will revolutionize the
way in which people use and interact with computers: semantic
information retrieval, consistency-checking of structured information,
deductive integration of heterogeneous data bases, natural language
interfaces able to cope with realistic levels of
ambiguity/terseness/contextualization, and many more.
Cycorp is located in Austin, TX.  We are an equal opportunity employer.

For more information about employment at Cycorp, visit our website at

For immediate consideration, please send your resume and a cover
letter to Kathleen Black at the following address:

Cycorp, Inc.
3721 Executive Center Drive, Suite 100
Austin TX 78731
Internet: info at
Telephone: +1 (512) 342-4000
Fax: +1 (512) 342-4040

No person shall be excluded from consideration for
recruitment, selection, appointment, training, promotion,
retention, or any other personnel action, or be denied
any benefits or participation in any activities on the
grounds of race, religion, color, national origin, sex,
handicap or age.

Cycorp will hire only persons authorized to work in the
United States and will verify identity and eligibility
for employment, and complete form I-9 for all new
employees within three (3) business days of the date of

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