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                           CALL FOR PAPERS
                              SEPLN 2000
XVI Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing

                            September 2000
                             Vigo, Spain

                  Sponsored by Universidade de Vigo

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Following SEPLN'99 in Lleida (Spain), the next SEPLN event will be held in
Vigo (Spain), in September, 2000.


The motivation for this Conference is to provide researchers in the field of
Natural Language Processing a chance to present their recent work, to share
their experimental results, and to discuss a range of problems which must be
treated.  Moreover, for researchers not directly involved within the field
of natural language processing, presentations shall offer the opportunity
to realize the active state of the art research, together with present
applications and possibilities offered by this field.  Thus, an important
objective of this Conference is to promote the exchange of ideas and
for future  basic research directions and to compare these ideas with the
actual needs of the society.


1. Linguistic, mathematic and psicolinguistic models of languages.
2. Corpus linguistics
3. Information extraction and retrieval
4. Formalisms and grammars for morphological and syntactical analysis
5. Computational lexicography
6. Monolingual and multilingual textual generation
7. Automatic translation
8. Speech synthesis and recognition
9. Semantics, pragmatics and discourse


The organizers encourage participants to give oral presentations of
projects and demos. Depending on the estimated number of oral
presentations, some session may be reserved to this purpose.

For oral presentation of projects to be accepted, the following information
must be included:
- Project title
- Funding institution
- Participant groups in the project
- Name, affiliation, e-mail and phone number of the director of the
- Abstract (2 pages maximum).
- If a demonstration is to be performed, further information must be
  as indicated below.

For demonstrations to be accepted, the following information is mandatory:

- Name, affiliation, e-mail and phone number of the authors.
- Abstract (2 pages maximum).
- Time estimation for the whole presentation.

This information must be received by June 4, 2000.


The workshop will be a 3-day event that provides a forum for
individual presentations of the accepted contributions as well as
project an demos presentations and group discussions.


Authors are invited to submit a paper, before April 14, concerning a
theoretical contribution or a system to be presented. Submission and
paper reviews shall be handled exclusively electronically (PostScript or
PDF format).  Submission should include the title, authors' names,
affiliations, addresses, and e-mail.

The submissions must adhere to certain rules:

- They must include an abstract (150 word maximum).
- The proposed area of interest must be included.
- Maximum length is 3500 words, abstract included.
- Accepted papers must follow format rules that will be given in the
  conference web page

Submissions must be sent to sepln-submit at

SCHEDULE (tentative)

- XVI SEPLN Conference: September 2000
- Submission of contributions: April 14, 2000
- Notification of acceptance: may 26, 2000
- Final versions due: June 30,2000
- Projects and demos submission: June 4, 2000
- Early registration: before July 14, 2000
- Late registration: after July 14, 2000


Program committee:

Joseba Abaitua                  Univ. de Deusto
Miguel A. Alonso Pardo          Univ. de A Coruña
Margarita Alonso Ramos          Univ. de A Coruña
Xabier Artola                   Univ. del País Vasco
Toni Badia                      Univ. Pompeu Fabra
Manuel de Buenaga Rodríguez     Univ. Europea de Madrid
Ines Diz                        Centro Ramón Piñeiro
Carmen García Mateo             Univ. de Vigo
José Mª García-Miguel Gallego   Univ. de Vigo
Javier Gómez Guinovart          Univ. de Vigo
Jorge Graña Gil                 Univ. de A Coruña
Joaquim Llisterri               Univ. Autónoma de Barcelona
Manuel Palomar Sanz             Univ. de Alicante
M. Antonia Martí Antonín        Univ. de Barcelona
Lydia Moreno Boronat            Univ. Politécnica de Valencia
Guillermo Rojo Sanchez          Univ. de Santiago de Compostela
María Felisa Verdejo Maillo     UNED
Manuel Vilares Ferro            Univ de Vigo

Organizing Committee:

David Cabrero Souto             Univ. de Vigo
Víctor Darriba Bilbao           Univ. de A Coruña
Javier Gómez Guinovart          Univ. de Vigo
David Olivieri                  Univ. de Vigo
Javier Pérez Guerra             Univ. de Vigo
Francisco José Ribadas Pena     Univ. de A Coruña
Leandro Rodríguez Liñares       Univ. de Vigo


The organization of the workshop is still subject to modification.
Up-to-date information will be provided on request and be available at


For any information related to the organization, please contact:
   sepln-secret at

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