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                      ACL 2000 Call For Papers

             38th Annual Meeting of the Association for
                    Computational Linguistics
                      3--6 October, 2000
                           Hong Kong

 The Association for Computational Linguistics invites the submission of
 papers for its 38th Annual Meeting. As was the case with last year's ACL
 conference, the technical  sessions of the conference will be of two kinds.
 There will be  General Sessions as well as a number of special Thematic
 Sessions organized around themes proposed by members of the computational
 linguistics community.

 For the General Sessions, papers are invited on substantial, original,
 and unpublished research on all aspects of computational linguistics,
 including, but not limited to: pragmatics, discourse, semantics,
 syntax and the lexicon; phonetics, phonology and morphology;
 interpreting and generating spoken and written language; linguistic,
 mathematical and psychological models of language; language-oriented
 information retrieval and information extraction; corpus-based
 language modeling; multi-lingual processing, machine translation and
 translation aids; natural language interfaces and dialogue systems;
 approaches to coordinating the linguistic with other modalities in
 multi-media systems; message and narrative understanding systems;
 tools and resources; and evaluation of systems.

 Papers submitted to the Thematic Sessions are more narrowly targeted at
 specific topics. The list of Thematic Sessions is as follows:

        T1: NLP and Open-Domain Question Answering from Text
        T2: Machine Learning and Statistical NLP for Dialogue
        T3: Text Summarization
        T4: Theoretical and Technical Approaches for Asian Language
            Processing -- Similarities and Differences among Languages

 Further information on the individual themes and topics appropriate to each
 can be obtained from the  ACL-2000 conference website


 Requirements are the same regardless of whether you are submitting
 a paper to the General Sessions or the Thematic Sessions; a separate
 Call for Student Workshop papers will provide the information on
 requirements for the Student Workshop submissions. Papers
 should describe original work; they should emphasize completed work
 rather than intended work, and should indicate clearly the state
 of completion of the reported results.  Wherever appropriate, concrete
 evaluation results should be included.  A paper accepted for
 presentation at the ACL Meeting cannot be presented or have been
 presented at any other meeting with publicly available published
 proceedings.  Papers that are being submitted to other conferences
 must indicate this on the title page. (See Submission Format below.)


 The reviewing of the papers submitted to the General Sessions and
 the  Thematic Sessions will be blind. Reviewing of papers submitted
 to the General Sessions will be managed by an international Conference
 Program Committee consisting of Area Chairs, each of whom will have
 the assistance of a team of reviewers. Reviewing of papers for the
 Thematic Sessions will be managed by the chairs of the Thematic Sessions,
 with the assistance of teams of reviewers. Final decisions on the technical
 program (both General Sessions and Thematic Sessions) will be made by
 the Conference Program Committee. Each submission will be reviewed by
 at least three reviewers.

 Submission Procedure

 The format of submissions is the same regardless of whether you are
 submitting a paper to the General Sessions or the Thematic Sessions.
 Papers may not exceed 3200 words (exclusive of title page and references).
 Papers outside the specified length are subject to be rejected without

 We strongly recommend the use of ACL latex style files or Microsoft Word
 files tailored for this year's conference. These will be available from the
 ACL-2000 Conference Website ( These style
 files include a place for the paper ID code (see below) and word count
 and allow for a graceful transition to the style required for publication.
 A description of the format will also be available in case you are
 unable to use these style files directly. If you are unable to access
 this webpage, please send email to acl2k at

 The reviewing of papers submitted to the  General Session or the Thematic
 Sessions will be blind. Hence the title page and paper should not include
 the authors' names and affiliations. Furthermore, self-references that
 reveal the author's identity (e.g., "We previously showed (Smith, 1991)
 should be avoided. Instead, use citations such as "Smith previously
 showed (Smith, 1991) ...".

 You must first register your submission. This can be done by filling out
 an electronic form that will be accessible from the conference webpage after February 15, 2000. The form requires
 a specification of the title and authors of the paper, as well as a
 preliminary abstract and list of keywords. Submitting the form will
 return to you via email a paper ID code which must appear on your
 Also, please use the paper ID code in all correspondences with the
 program committee co-chairs. If you have any difficulty using the
 electronic registration form, please send email to acl2k at with
 all of the title page information (see below) plus the authors' names and

 As reviewing will be blind, a separate title page and identification page
 will be required. The title page should include the following information:

        Paper ID Code: (generated upon paper registration)
        Topic Area: one or two general topic areas
        Keywords: Up to 5 keywords specifying subject area
        Which Session: T1, T2, T3, T4, or G (you must choose one)
        Word Count, excluding title page and references:
        Under Consideration for other Conferences (specify):
        Abstract: short summary (up to 5 lines)

 T1, T2, T3, and T4 correspond to the four Theme Sessions and G corresponds
 to the General Session. A paper can be submitted to at most one session.

 The identification page should contain all of the information in the title
 page, but in addition must include the authors' names, affiliations, and
 email addresses. The format for the identification page should be as

        Paper ID Code: (generated upon paper registration)
        Authors' names, affiliations, and email addresses
        Topic Area: one or two general topic areas
        Keywords: Up to 5 keywords specifying subject area
        Which Session: T1, T2, T3, T4, or G (you must choose one)
        Word Count, excluding title page and references:
        Under Consideration for other Conferences (specify):
        Abstract: short summary (up to 5 lines)

 Submissions must be received by April 7th, 2000. Late submissions
 (those arriving on or after April 8th) will be  rejected without review.
 The Program Committee is not responsible for postal delays or other
 mailing problems. Six (6) paper copies (printed on both sides of the page
 if possible) including the title page should be submitted to the following

        ACL-2000 Submission
        c/o K. Vijay-Shanker
        103 Smith Hall
        Department of Computer and Information Sciences
        University of Delaware
        Newark, DE 19716

 Two of the six copies must have the identification page attached. In
 addition, strictly for the purposes of partially-automated routing of
 papers to area chairs and reviewers, authors should send an electronic
 version of the paper (without the identification page) to
 acl-routing at Please include the paper ID code in the subject
 line of your email. Latex, postscript, pdf, Microsoft word and
 plain text are all acceptable formats for the electronic version. The
 electronic version should also be received by April 7, 2000.
 Please note that as the electronic version will only be used to assist
 the PC in distributing the papers to appropriate reviewers, this
 supplementary electronic version in no way replaces the required hardcopy
 submissions. If you have any difficulty in submitting the electronic
 please send mail to the pc co-chairs at acl2k at

 Acknowledgment of receipt of the hardcopy submission will be emailed soon
 after receipt. Notification of acceptance will be sent to authors (by
 around June 15, 2000. Detailed formatting guidelines for the preparation of
 the final camera-ready copy will be provided to authors with their
 notice. Authors of accepted papers will have to submit a signed copyright
 release statement along with the final camera-ready papers.

 The dates here pertain only to the General Sessions and Thematic

      Paper registration deadline:                 March 31, 2000
      Paper submissions deadline:                  April 7, 2000
      Notification of acceptance:                  June 15, 2000
      ACL 2000 Conference:                         October 3--6, 2000

Submission Questions

 Authors unable to comply with the above submission procedure should
 contact the program committee co-chairs sufficiently ahead of the
 submission deadline so that alternate arrangements can be made.
 All queries regarding the General Sessions and Thematic sessions
 of ACL-2000 should be sent to acl2k at; this forwards to
 both PC co-chairs.

   Changning Huang (PC Co-Chair)           K. Vijay-Shanker (PC Co-Chair)

   Microsoft Research, China             CIS Department
   5F, Beijing Sigma Center                 University of Delaware
   No.49, Zhichun Road                      Newark, DE 19716, USA
   Beijing 100080, P.R.C

   cnhuang at                    vijay at
   Tel: +86 10 6261-7711 -5760              Tel: +1 302 831 1952
   Fax: +86 10 8809-7305                    Fax: +1 302 831 8458

   Hitoshi Iida (General Chair)             Aravind K. Joshi (Honorary

   Speech and Language Information          Department of Computer and
          Processing Lab                          Information Sciences
   SONY Computer Science Labs, Inc.         University of Pennsylvania
   Tokyo 141-0022, Japan                    Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA

   iida at                      joshi at
   Tel: +81 3 5448 4380                     Tel: +1 215 898 0359
   Fax: +81 3 5447 1942                     Fax: +1 215 573 9247

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