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Second Call for Papers

5th TELRI Seminar
Corpus Lingustics: How to Extract Meaning from Corpora
22-24 September 2000
Ljubljana, Slovenia

The fifth in the series of TELRI (Trans-European Language Resources
Infrastructure) seminars will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 22-24
September 2000 with the theme "Corpus Linguistics: How to Extract Meaning
from Corpora".


The universe of discourse, that is, the ensemble of all communication acts
of a discourse community, functions as an autonomous semantic system. This
does not contest that texts may also refer to some discourse-external
reality. But first and foremost texts, text segments and text elements
refer to previous occurrences: they address, paraphrase and rearrange
segments and elements that have been used before, in the same text or in
other texts. Corpus linguistics detects and analyzes the recurrence of
meaningful conglomerates in the discourse, combining statistical and
categorial approaches and resulting in the structured presentation of the
evidence. This evidence represents the shareable meaning of text segments
and text elements. The paraphrases we find in the discourse tell us how to
understand them; usage, that is, information on how segments and elements
are embedded in their contexts, tells us how to produce texts in which they
are being used. Corpus linguistics is about extracting meaning from
(monolingual, comparable or parallel) corpora. Corpus linguistics generates
the semantic knowledge which is the basis of language practice as in
information extraction, translation or foreign language document authoring.
Corpus linguistics is the prime approach to Human Language Technology if we
understand HLT as the technology for dealing with general unrestricted
language as opposed to controlled languages as formal calculi.

The TELRI Seminar will feature contributions focussing on all aspects of
extracting meaning from corpora.

Invited Speakers

To be announced.

Young Researchers Workshop

A pre-seminar workshop on Thursday, September 21, is dedicated to
presentations of work in progress by young researchers, that is, graduate
students and young research fellows. Seminar fees will be waived for young
researchers presenting at the Seminar. TELRI will investigate further
possibilities for financial support.

Software Demonstrations

A goal of the seminar is to stimulate cooperation between industry and
academia in the West and in Central and Eastern Europe. The programme will
include sessions devoted to demonstrating commercial and public domain
software with emphasis on information extraction systems. Seminar fees will
be waived for software presenters.


Papers and presentations should be 30 minutes long including discussion. A
selection will be published after the seminar. Fees will be waived for
accepted speakers.

Submission Guidelines

Authors are requested to submit abstracts which should not exceed 600
words. The address for electronic submission is: telri-admin at


Academic participants:   EUR 50/20*
Industrial participants: EUR 100/30*
Students:     EUR 20/10*

* refers to fees for participants from CEE/NIS


Abstract Submission Due:     5 June 2000
Notification of Acceptance: 10 July 2000


This year's TELRI seminar will take place in Ljubljana, the capital of
Slovenia, a medieval town at the crossroads of Mediterranean and
Central-European cultures. The venue of the seminar will be the Faculty
of Arts, located near the historical centre of the town and within
walking distance to most hotels. The Faculty itself has recently been
extended with an annexe, which provides new, well-equipped and airy
classrooms for the seminar sessions as well as a cafeteria for the
coffee breaks. OHP and beamer will be available in the presentation
rooms; Internet access will be provided in the computer lab in the main

Further Information

Further information can be obtained from:
telri-admin at


Milena Slavcheva
Manager, TELRI II project                  Multilinguale Forschung
Tel:    +49 621 1581 427                   Abteilung LEXIK
Fax:    +49 621 1581 415                   Institut fuer deutsche Sprache
E-mail: slavchev at    R5, 6-13                       D-68161 Mannheim


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