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Dear Colleague:
below is the draft program for the Third International Workshop on
Human Computer Conversation at Bellagio. It will be on the web along with
other hotel and registration information, at:

We can still accept a few more registrations for the Workshop, but
hotel accormodation is getting short and (non-invited) speakers and
attendees should hurry. Below the program is a set of fax numbers
for Bellagio hotels, a somewhat wider selection is given than the original
on the website. Fax is the normal way to book hotels in Italy, and it
may be worth noting that there are always cancellations of early bookings
a month ahead of given dates, so it may well be worth faxing a repeat
request to a hotel of your choice on 1st or 2nd of June.


Monday 3rd July, 2000

Morning session

1000     Registration and Coffee.
1020     Welcome to HCCW3.
1030     Invited Talk: Some findings on the grammar of English
  Conversation.  Geoffrey Leech (University of Lancaster, UK).
1110     Invited Talk: Conversing with Stochastic Language Models.
         Jason Hutchens (UWA, AUS).

         Track I Submitted Papers:

1200     The Infant Conversational System.
         Paul Bucheit (Harold Washington College, US)
1230     Grammars with Genetic Algorithms (The Sex Life of Grammars).
         Marc Blasband (Compuleer, NL)

         Track II Submitted Papers:

1200     Verbal and nonverbal discourse planning.
         Catherine Pelachaud (Universita di Roma "La Sapienza", IT)
1230     A Fundamental Architecture To Integrate Conversation Management
         Engines with Conversation Development and Evaluation Tools.
         Emmett J. Coin (ejTalk Research, US)

Evening Session

         Track I Submitted Papers:

1800     Non-problems and social obligations in human-computer
         conversation. Harry Bunt (Tilburg University, NL)
1830     In the beginning was the "END": Evaluation of Natural Dialogues
         as a step towards improving artificial ones.
         Jean-Baptiste Berthelin (CNRS-LIMSI, FR)

         Track II Submitted Papers:

1800     Rule-Based Dialogue Management Systems.
         Nick Webb (University of Sheffield, UK)
1830     The role of robust semantic analysis in spoken language
         dialogue systems.
         Vincenzo Pallotta (MEDIA Research Group-DI-LITH, CH)
1900     Animated Conversational Agents in E-Commerce Enterprises.
         Helen McBreen (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Tuesday 4th July, 2000

Morning Session

0930     Invited Talk: Dialogs: The Next Generation User Interface.
         Bruno Alabiso (Microsoft, US).
1010     Invited Talk: Experiences from the Verbmobil Project.
         Norbert Reithinger (DFKI, DE).


         Track I Submitted Papers:

1100     Information States, Obligations and Intentional Structure in
         Dialogue Modelling.
         Colin Matheson (University of Edinburgh, UK)
1130     Characteristics of Acceptance Utterances in Reaction to Answers
         to Questions and their Relations to Dialog Strategies.
         Akira Shimazu (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and
         Technology, JP)
1200     Question Accommodation and Information States in Dialogue.
         Staffan Larsson (Gothenburg University, SE)
1230     Context and Content in Dialogue Systems.
         Guenther Goerz, Bernd Ludwig and Martin Klarner
         (University of Erlangen-Nürenberg, DE)

         Track II Submitted Papers:

1100     What Makes Speakers Angry in Human-Computer Conversation.
         Kerstin Fischer (University of Hamburg, DE)
1130     A Flexible Spoken Dialogue Manager.
         Eli Hagen (Simon Fraser University, CAN)
1200     Taking Turns Talking About Text In A Reading Tutor That
         Listens. Gregory Aist (LTI, CMU, US)
1230     DMML: An XML Language for Interacting with Multi-modal Dialog
         Systems. Nicolas Nicolov (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, US)

Evening Sessions in parallel

1800     Panel: What if any, is the role of politeness in dialogue
         (Chair: Yorick Wilks) Geoffrey Leech,
         other participants to be announced.

1800     Demonstration session

Wednesday 5th July, 2000

Morning Session

0930     Invited Talk: Title to be announced.
         David Traum (University of Maryland, US).
1010     Invited Talk: The Dialogue Game: designing task-oriented
         spontaneous interaction systems for automated call centers.
         Tomek Strzalkowski (General Electric Research Lab., US).

         Track I Submitted Papers:

1130     Task-Oriented Dialogues.
         Sergei Nirenburg and Jim Cowie (New Mexico State University, US)
1200     Bayesian Selection of Conversational Responses.
         Gene Ball (Microsoft, US)
1230     Politeness as Actions of an Implicit Task.
         David Novick (University of Texas at El Paso, US)

         Track II Submitted Papers:

1130     The Virtual Presenter: a Conversational Character for
  Interactive TV.  Marc Cavazza (University of Teeside, UK)
1200     AutoTutor's Conversational Behaviors.
         Natalie Person (Rhodes College, US)
1230     "Kairai" - Software Robots Understanding Natural Language.
         Yusuke Shinyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP)

Evening Session

1700     Panel: Is there a real gulf between theoretical models of
         dialogue and implementations and, if so, is this a healthy
         state of affairs?
         (Chair: Yorick Wilks) Participants to be announced.


5* Hotels - Bellagio

Villa Serbelloni - Fax: +39 031 951529

3* Hotels - Bellagio

Belvedere - Fax +39 031 950102
Du Lac  - Fax +39 031 951624
Excelsior Splendido - Fax +39 031 951224
Florence  - Fax +39 031 951722
Nuovo Hotel Metropole - Fax +39 031 951534

2* Hotels - Bellagio

Europa - Fax. +39 031 950471
Fioroni  - Fax. +39 031 951970
Il Perlo Panorama  - Fax +39 031 951556
Nuovo Miralago -  Tel. +39 031 951355
Silvio  - Fax. +39 031 950912

1* Hotels - Bellagio

Genzianella - Fax.  +39 031 964734
Giardinetto - Fax.  +39 031 950168
La Pergola - Fax.  +39 031 950263
Roma - Fax.  +39 031 951966
Suisse - Fax.  +39 031 951775

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