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1/ From: Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
   Subject: ACL'2001/EACL'2001 Revised Call for Workshop Proposals

2/ From: Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
   Subject : ACL'2001/EACL'2001 Call for Tutorial Proposals


1/ From: Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
   Subject: ACL'2001/EACL'2001 Revised Call for Workshop Proposals

Modified Call for Workshop Proposals for the
ACL'01/EACL'01 Joint Conference
(***Updated Timetable of Important Dates***)

The ACL/EACL'01 Organizing Committee invites proposals for workshops
to be held at ACL/EACL'01.  ACL/EACL'01 will be held in Toulouse,
France, July 6-11, 2001 with workshops being held July 6-7, 2001.

ACL/EACL'01 workshops provide organizers and participants with an
opportunity to focus intensively on a specific topic within
computational linguistics.  Often, workshops concentrate on specific
topics of technical interest (e.g., parsing technologies), particular
areas of application for language processing technologies (e.g., NLP
applied to IR), or community-wide issues that deserve attention (e.g.,
standardization of resources and tools).  We welcome proposals on any
topic that is of interest to the ACL community, but we particularly
encourage proposals that broaden the scope of our community through
the consideration of new techniques or applications.


Workshop proposals should provide sufficient information to evaluate
the quality and importance of the topic, and the size of the
interested community.  Proposals should be 2-4 pages and contain the
following information:

  - A title and brief description of the workshop topic.

  - A budget proposal.

  - The target audience and projected number of participants along
    with support for the projected count.  Supporting evidence could
    include a list of potential submitters, a list of conferences that
    contained papers on the proposed topic, the number of new
    companies focused on this topic, or recent funding initiatives
    that address this topic.

  - Resource needs such as room size and number of days.  Include any
    special requirements for technical support (computer
    infrastructure, etc.).

  - The name, postal address, phone number, e-mail address, and
    webpage of each chair.  In addition, indicate the chairs'
    background in the workshop area.

Proposals should be submitted by electronic mail, in plain ASCII text,
as soon as possible but no later than JANUARY 12, 2001.

    The subject line should be:

    Please e-mail proposals and any inquiries to:

    aclworkshops at

UPDATED Timetable of Important Dates:

     Proposals due:                              Jan. 12, 2001
     Notification of acceptance:                 Jan. 19, 2001
     Deadline for receipt of workshop call for
        papers and other publicity material:     Feb. 19, 2001
     Suggested deadline for workshop paper
        submissions:                             April 6, 2001
     Suggested deadline for notification of
        workshop paper acceptance:               April 27, 2001
     Suggested deadline for camera-ready
        workshop papers:       May 16, 2001
     Deadline for receipt of camera-ready
        workshop proceedings:                    May 25, 2001
     Workshop Date:                              July 6-7, 2001

Additional Information

     For additional information, see the web site for the conference:

     which will provide additional details as they become available.


2/ From: Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
   Subject : ACL'2001/EACL'2001 Call for Tutorial Proposals


The Program Committee of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Association
for Computational Linguistics invites proposals for the Tutorial
Program for ACL 2001, to be held in Toulouse July, 6th-11th, 2001 (see The
tutorials for ACL 2001 will be held on July 8th, 2001.  Each
tutorial should be well-focused so that its core content can be
covered in a three-hour tutorial slot (including a 30 minute
break). However, in exceptional cases six-hour tutorial slots are
possible as well.  There will be space and time for at most four
three-hour tutorials.


Proposals for tutorials should contain:

     * A title and brief (< 500 word) content description of the
       tutorial topic.

     * The names, postal addresses, phone numbers, and email
       addresses of the tutorial speakers, with a one-paragraph statement of
       the speaker's(s') research interests and areas of expertise.

     * Any special requirements for technical needs (display
       projector, computer infrastructure, etc.) Proposals should be
       submitted by electronic mail, in plain ASCII (iso8859-1) text as soon
       as possible, but in any case no later than January 12th, 2001.

       The subject line should be: "ACL 2001 TUTORIAL PROPOSAL".


   Please submit your proposals and address any inquiries to
   acl2001-tutorials at
   This forwards to both Tutorials Co-Chairs.


Paola Merlo                     Gertjan van Noord
Université de Genève            Groningen University
Dépt. de Linguistique           Alfa-informatica
2, rue de Candolle              PO Box 716
1211 Genève 4                   9700 AS Groningen
Switzerland                     Netherlands

acl2001-tutorials at


Accepted tutorial speakers will be notified by January 26th,2001 and
must then provide descriptions of their tutorials for inclusion in the
conference registration material by March 30th, 2001. The description
should be in three formats: a latex version that fits onto 1/2 page;
an ASCII (iso8859-1) version that can be included with the email
announcement; and an HTML version that can be included on the
conference home page.

Tutorial speakers must provide tutorial materials, at least containing
copies of the overhead transparencies to be used as well as a
bibliography for the material covered in the tutorial by May 11th,


The current ACL policy is that tutorials are reimbursed at the
following rate: US$500 per session plus $25 per registrant in the
range 21-50 plus $15 per registrant in excess of 50. Note that this is
per tutorial, not per presenter: multiple presenters will split the
proceeds, the default assumption being an even split.  The ACL does
not usually cover any further expenses.


 Submission deadline for proposal:     12th January, 2001
 Notification of acceptance:           26th January, 2001
 Tutorial descriptions due:            30th   March, 2001
 Tutorial course material due:         11th     May, 2001
 Tutorials date:                        8th    July, 2001

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