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1/ From: "Stein, Gees C (CRD)" <steing at>
   Subject: NLP position at GE CR&D

2/ From:  Laura Bergerol <Laura.Bergerol at>
   Subject:  Comp linguist at YY Software Corp, CA, USA

3/ From: Alexander Koller <koller at>
   Subject: PhD Scholarships Saarbruecken/Edinburgh

4/ From:  Elaine Ivery-Mosby <resumes at>
   Subject:  Senior Research Engineer/NLU Tech at VocalPoint Technologies,

5/ From:  "Shu-hui Peng" <shpeng at>
   Subject:  (Comp) Ling, Lit: Tenure-Track Positions at NCNU, Taiwan

1/ From: "Stein, Gees C (CRD)" <steing at>
   Subject: NLP position at GE CR&D

GE Corporate R&D is looking for an experienced Natural Language researcher
to join their Multi- Media
Systems Program.
You will join a multi-disciplinary team, involving natural language, image
understanding and speech
recognition. As a researcher you will develop new technology and be
involved in proposal writing and
fund acquisition.

Experience in several of the following areas: Information Extraction,
Information Retrieval, Dialogue
Systems, Summarization.
Experience in proposal writing.
A Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics or equivalent qualification.

GE CR&D is located at Schenectady, New York, surrounded by the Adirondacks
and the Catskills.
If you're interested in this position please contact:

Gees Stein, Ph.D.
General Electric CR&D, KW-C1305
P.O. Box 8
Schenectady, NY 12301
Phone: 518 387-6664
Fax: 518 387-4042
E-mail: steing at

Gees C. Stein, Ph.D.

General Electric CR&D Center,
Multimedia Systems Program.
P.O. Box 8                                                       phone:
(518) 387-6664
Bldg KW-C1305                                                    fax: (518)
Schenectaday NY 12301                            e-mail: steing at


2/ From:  Laura Bergerol <Laura.Bergerol at>
   Subject:  Comp linguist at YY Software Corp, CA, USA

Rank of Job: Master's degree or equivalent
Areas Required: Computational linguist
Other Desired Areas: NLP
University or Organization: YY Software Corporation
State or Province: California
Country: USA
Final Date of Application: April 30, 2001
Contact: Laura Bergerol Laura.Bergerol at

Address for Applications:
110 Pioneer Way
Mountain View
CA 94110

YY Software Corporation, located in Mountain View, CA, seeks
computational linguists to work full-time on grammar and lexicon
development, NLP applications and development tools, with expertise in
one or more of the following:

- Syntactic analysis in a lexicalist framework such as Head-driven
Phrase Structure Grammar or Lexical Functional Grammar, for English,
German, Japanese, or Spanish.
- Semi-automated acquisition techniques for lexicon and grammar.
- Robust processing of natural text found in email, including
ellipsis, abbreviations, and errors.
- Lexical semantics.
- Knowledge representation for natural language processing

Required qualifications:

- Master's degree or equivalent post-graduate study in computational
linguistics or related field.
- Immediate availability

Preferred qualifications:

- Ph.D. or two years' work experience in computational linguistics or
related field
- Programming experience in C++, Java
- U.S. citizenship or work permit


- Commensurate with experience, competitive with San Francisco Bay
Area corporate standards.

Send your CV via any of the following:

- email: jobs at
- fax:  650 623-0001
- mail:  Laura Bergerol
  Director of Human Resources
  YY Software Corporation
  110 Pioneer Way
  Mountain View, CA  94041
- web:

Company profile:

YY Software Corporation is the premier provider of intelligent
auto-response software for eBusiness platforms. YY's
breakthrough-technology products automatically read and respond to
electronic inquiries with the highest levels of accuracy,
functionality, and reliability across all customer touch points: Web
site, email, chat, and, in the future, voice. Setting YY products
apart from all others is their ability to handle language the way
people actually use language.  YY solutions are designed to provide a
rapid return on investment by helping enterprises increase sales and
enhance customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing customer
service costs.


3/ From: Alexander Koller <koller at>
   Subject: PhD Scholarships Saarbruecken/Edinburgh

         --           Please distribute!             --
         -- Apologies if you receive multiple copies --

Saarland University (Departments of General/Computational Linguistics
and Informatics) are pleased to announce the availability of six
doctoral scholarships within the newly established

               European Post-Graduate College
         "Language Technology and Cognitive Systems"
                  Saarbruecken - Edinburgh

starting in April 1st, 2001. Each scholarship will be funded for two
years (extendable to three years). Doctoral degrees may be obtained in
computational linguistics, phonetics, and informatics.

The European Post-Graduate College has been established in cooperation
between Saarland University and the University of Edinburgh (Division
of Informatics) -- two leading institutions in the fields of
computational linguistics, artificial intelligence and cognitive
science who will collaborate in offering a joint post-graduate
education programme. The cooperation includes

 * a six to twelve months research stay in Edinburgh
 * joint supervision of dissertations by lecturers from Saarbruecken
   and Edinburgh
 * an intensive research exchange programme between Saarbruecken and
   Edinburgh (including, for example, an annual two-week research meeting
   attended by college members and lecturers from both locations).

The college focuses on human language and speech processing and its
computational, cognitive, and psychological foundations, particularly
in the following research areas:

  * data-intensive language models (e.g. corpus-based and statistical
  * inference
  * knowledge representation, lexicon, and ontology
  * language and speech understanding
  * dialogue and language generation

The participating lecturers in Saarbruecken are Patrick Blackburn,
Manfred Pinkal, Hans Uszkoreit (computational linguistics), William
Barry (phonetics), Matthew Crocker (psycholinguistics), Michael
Kohlhase, Joerg Siekmann, Gert Smolka, and Wolfgang Wahlster
(informatics/AI). In Edinburgh, lecturers are Michael Fourman, Ewan
Klein, Alex Lascarides, Johanna Moore, Jon Oberlander, Martin
Pickering, Mark Steedman, Paul Taylor, Bonnie Webber, and Chris

Each scholarship is compensated with up to DM 2,870 per
month. Additional compensation includes family allowance (where
applicable), travel funding, and an additional monthly allowance of DM
1,410 for the stay in Edinburgh.

Applicants should hold a strong university degree in one of the
relevant areas, and they should not be more than 28 years of
age. Women and international students are particularly encouraged to
apply. Applications should include

  * a curriculum vitae (including a list of publications, where possible)
  * copies of high school and university certificates
  * two references (to be sent directly to the college speaker)
  * an informal cover letter specifying interests, previous knowledge
    and activities in any of the relevant research areas. The letter
    should indicate the area in which the dissertation is to be conducted
    (computational linguistics/psycholinguistics, phonetics, or
    informatics/AI): where possible, it should include a brief outline of
    research interests to be pursued within the scholarship.

Applications should be sent to the speaker of the college (see address
below). Closing date for applications is December 31st, 2000.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Pinkal
Department of Computational Linguistics
Saarland University
P.O. Box 15 11 50
D-66041 Saarbruecken, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)681 302-4344
Fax:  +49 (0)681 302-4351
E-mail:  pinkal at


4/ From:  Elaine Ivery-Mosby <resumes at>
   Subject:  Senior Research Engineer/NLU Tech at VocalPoint Technologies,

Rank of Job: Senior
Areas Required: Research Engineer/NLU Technology
Other Desired Areas: Linguist
University or Organization: VocalPoint Technologies
Department: Product Research
State or Province: California
Country: USA
Final Date of Application: December 15, 2000
Contact: Elaine Ivery-Mosby resumes at

Address for Applications:
847 Howard Street
San Francisco
CA 94103

Senior Research Engineer/NLU Technology:

Position Summary: Design and implement algorithms for natural language
processing. Develop and improve grammar for optimized speech recognition
performance and natural language interpretation. Architect and develop
algorithms for text normalization and parsing for better text-to-speech
synthesis results. You should be innovative and a good team player.

1. Education: MS in CS, EE, Linguistics or equivalent. PhD is asset
2. Experience: Solid programming experience (2 or more years) in C/C++.
Experience with speech recognition, natural language processing, or
text-to-speech synthesis is required. Knowledge/experience of
statistical algorithms for natural language processing is highly
desirable. Knowledge of Perl is a plus.

VocalPoint is located in the heart of downtown San Francisco. We offer
an excellent salary, competitive benefits package, and equity-based

Interested party please send your resume to resumes at,
position #NLUW.

VocalPoint Technologies
847 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Fax: (415) 615-0600


5/ From:  "Shu-hui Peng" <shpeng at>
   Subject:  (Comp) Ling, Lit: Tenure-Track Positions at NCNU, Taiwan

Teaching Positions at
National Chi Nan University
Puli, Taiwan, R. O. C.

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature of National Chi Nan
University announces the following open positions beginning with the
2001-2002 academic year.

I. Anglo-American Literature (1 or more tenure-track positions):
Applicants should have a Ph.D. in English or a related field by July
of 2001.

II. Linguistics (1 or more tenure-track positions):
Applicants should have a Ph.D. in hand by July of 2001. First
consideration will be given to applicants with a background in
Computational Linguistics.

In addition to conducting and publishing scholarly research, full-time
faculty are required to teach undergraduate courses such as
composition, conversation, reading, and listening lab.

Applicants should provide: (1) letter of interest; (2) C.V.; (3) three
letters of recommendation; (4) Ph.D. dissertation and representative
publications; (5) official transcripts of graduate studies; (6)
photocopy of graduate diploma (if already in hand); (7) proof of past
and/or current employment (if available).

Applications may be sent to:
Dr. Chiu-Yueh Lai
Chair, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
National Chi Nan University
1 University Road
Puli, Nantou 545, Taiwan, R. O. C.

Email: cylai at  or  ljhuang at
Tel: +886-49-910960 ext.2540, 2541
Fax: +886-49-914440
Requests for further information may be made by telephone, fax, email,
or post.

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