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                                EUROLAN 2001

                              Summer Institute on
          "Creation and Exploitation of Annotated Language Resources"
                              30 July - 11 August 2001

The Eurolan series of summer schools was established in 1993 and has been
held every other year, with the goal of stimulating young researchers from
all over the world to pursue high-level research in natural language
processing and language technology.


The goal of Eurolan 2001 is to provide participants with a background in
the theory, methodology, and technology for creating and using annotated
language resources for language engineering research. Tutorials on a
variety of topics will be accompanied with hands-on experience using tools
for resource annotation, as well as techniques for using these resources to
augment the performance of language engineering applications such as IR,
IE, MT, speech understanding etc.

The main topics will be:

Annotation formalisms and standards for NLP (XML, XCES)
Sub-syntactic annotation (tokenization, part of speech tagging,
shallow-parsing - chunking)
Annotation of syntax (tree banks)
Annotation of semantics, word sense disambiguation, semantic roles of verbs
Annotation of discourse (structure, co-reference, deep understanding)
Symbolic and qualitative approaches
Exploitation for information extraction and information retrieval
Exploitation for summarization, discourse interpretation and data mining
Exploitation for machine translation
Creation and exploitation tools in cross-lingual application

Invited Lecturers

Eurolan 2001 tutorials and practical work will be delivered/conducted by a
series of prestigious professors and researchers from all over the world:

Catalina Barbu - Universities of Iasi & Wolverhampton
Paul Buitelaar - DFKI, Saarbr¸cken
Dan Cristea - University of Iasi
Hamish Cunningham - University of Sheffield
Atsushi Fujii - University of Library and Information Science - Tokyo
Graeme Hirst - University of Toronto
Eduard Hovy - University of Southern California
Nancy Ide - Vassar College, Poughkeepsie
Adam Kilgarriff - University of Brighton
Daniel Marcu - University of Southern California
Ruslan Mitkov - University of Wolverhampton
Sergei Nirenburg - New Mexico State University
Massimo Poesio - University of Edinburgh
Laurent Romary - LORIA Nancy
Valentin Tablan - Universities of Iasi & Sheffield
Dan Tufis - Romanian Academy
Hans Uszkoreit - Saarland University of Saarbrucken
Piek Vossen - Sail-labs, Antwerp-Berchem
Yorick Wilks - University of Sheffield


Eurolan 2001 will take place between 30 July and 11 August 2001.

The summer institute will be organized to allow for both lectures and
hands-on experience for each of the areas covered. Morning sessions will be
devoted to tutorials, followed by an afternoon session at which students
will work in collaboration with professors on practical applications. The
institute will also include workshops and round tables on topics of
particular interest.

On Sunday, 5 August, a trip to significant Romanian landmarks will be

Registration and Fees

Information about registration and fees will be posted at a later date and
will also be available at

Organizing Committee

Nancy IDE - Vassar College, Poughkeepsie
Dan CRISTEA - University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" of Iasi
Dan TUFIS - Romanian Academy, Bucharest
Laurent ROMARY - LORIA laboratories, Nancy
Daniel MARCU - University of Southern California

Information on previous Eurolan events can be consulted at the address:

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