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                               PACLING 2001
                            First Call For Papers
                              September 11-14, 2001
                  Kitakyushu International Conference Center
                               Kitakyushu, Japan

History and Aims

   PACLING(Pacific Association for Computational Linguistics)has grown
out of the very successful Japan-Australia joint symposia on natural
language processing held in November 1989 in Melbourne, Australia
and in October in Iizuka, Japan in 1991. The following four meetings
of the retitled PACLING, a name designed to express the wider
membership, took place in Vancouver, Canada in 1993, Brisbane,
Australia in 1995, Ohme, Japan in1997 and Waterloo, Canada in 1999.

   PACLING '01 will be a low-profile, high-quality, workshop-oriented
meeting whose aim is to promote friendly scientific relations among Pacific
Rim countries, with emphasis on interdisciplinary scientific exchange
showing openness towards good research falling outside current dominant
 "schools of thought, " and on technological transfer within the Pacific
region. The conference is a unique forum for scientific and technological
exchange, being small than ACL, COLING, or Applied NLP, and also more
regional with extensive representation from the Pacific.


Original papers are invited on any topic in computational linguistics (and
strongly related areas) including (but not limited to) the following:

   phonology, phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics,
dialogues, spoken languages, corpora, text and message understanding
and generation, language translation and translation aids, language
learning and learning aids, question-answering systems, interfaces to
(multimedia) databases language and input/output devides, natural-
language-based software, information retrieval using natural language
interface, and statistical methods for large corpora.

Submission of Papers

Authors should prepare extended abstracts, in English, not more than
6 pages including figures and tables using standard fonts of 11 points
or bigger one. It should include author's name, postal address, e-mail
address (if possible), telehone and facsimile numbers; a brief 100-200
word summary; and some key words for classifying the submission.

  Papers that are being submitted to other conferences, whether
verbatim or in essence, must reflect this fact after key words. If a
paper appears at another conference, it must be withdrawn from
PACLING'01. Papers that violate these requirements are subject to
rejection without review.

 Please send four copies of each submission to one of the following
two addresses. Sending by email is also accepted(we will request the
author to send copies when the email submitted is not completely
visualized because of word processor problems or language font
     Prof. Shun Ishizaki
     Keio University
     5322 Endoh, Fujisawa,
     KANAGAWA 252-8520, JAPAN
     Telephone: +81 466 48 6101,  Fax: +81 466 48 6101
     E-mail:  ishizaki at


     Prof. Nick Cercone
     Department of computer Science
     William Davis Comp. Research Centre
     University of Waterloo
     Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1
     Telephone:(519)888-4567, Ext 3292 Fax:(519)885-1208
     E-mail: ncercone at


     Submission deadline:          March 17 2001
     Notification of acceptance:   May 19 2001
     Camera-ready copy due:        July 21 2001

        President   Naoyuki okada (kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

 Organizing committee
        Members  Hirosi Sakaki (Meisei University, Japan)
        Christian Matthiessen (Macquarie University, Australia)
        Nick Cercone (University of Regina, Canada)
        Charles Fillmore (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
 Conference committee
        Chair    Shun Ishizaki (Keio University, Japan)
        Program coordinators
                 Shun Ishizaki (Keio University, Japan)
                 Kiyoshi Kogure (NTT, Japan)
                 Hideki Hirakawa (Toshiba Co., Japan)
                 Nick Cercone (University of Regina, Canada)
        Local coordinators
                 Tsutomu Endo (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
                 Kenji Itoh (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
                 Masami Suzuki (KDD, Japan)
                 Kentaro Inui (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
        Members(including program committee and local comittee members)
                 Christian Boitet (Imag. France)
                 Francis Bond (NTT,Japan)
                 Sandra Carberry (University of Delaware, U.S.A.)
                 Robin Cohen (University of Waterloo, Canada)
                 Veronica Dahl (Simon Fraser University,Canada)
                 Hercules Dalianis (Royal Institute of Technology, DSV-KTH,
                 Chrysanne DiMarco (University of Waterloo,Canada)
                 Kohji Dohsaka (NTT, Japan)
                 Tsutomu Endo (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
                 Hideki Hirakawa (Toshiba Co., Japan)
                 Satoru Ikehara (Tottori University, Japan)
                 Naoki Inoue (KDD, Japan)
                 Kentaro Inui (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
                 Shun Ishizaki (Keio University, Japan)
                 Kenji Itoh (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
                 Hiroyuki Kameda (Tokyo University of Technology, Japan)
                 Vlado Keiselj (University of Waterloo, Canada)
                 Richard Kittredge (University of Montreal, Canada)
                 Kiyoshi Kogure (NTT, Japan)
                 Guy Lapalme (University of Montreal, Canada)
                 Charles Ling (University of Western Ontario,Canada)
                 Fumito Masui (Mie University, Japan)
                 Stan Matwin (University of Ottawa, Canada)
                 Gordon McCalla (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)
                 Paul McFetridge (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
                 Paul Mc Kevitt (University of Ulster(Magee), United
                 Jin-ichi Murakami (Tottori University, Japan)
                 Hiromi Nakaiwa (NTT, Japan)
                 Jun-ichi Nakamura (University of Kyoto, Japan)
                 Kentaro Ogura (NTT, Japan)
                 Minako O'Hagen (The Global University, New Zealand)
                 Naoyoki Okada (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
                 Kyonghee Paik (USA)
                 Emmanuel Planas (Imag. France)
                 Fred Popowich (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
                 Hirosi Sakaki (Meisei University, Japan)
                 L.K.Schubert (University of Rochester, USA)
                 Akira Shimazu (JAIST, Japan)
                 Masami Suzuki (KDD, Japan)
                 Naoto Takahashi (Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan)
                 Kumiko Tanaka (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
                 Hiroaki Tsurumaru (University of Nagasaki,  Japan)
                 Peter van Beek (University of Alberta, Canada)
                 Virach Sornlertlamvanich (NECTEC, Thailand)
                 Ingrid Zukerman (Monash University, Australia)

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