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CLIN 2000 -- The Eleventh
             Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands Meeting

             Friday, 3 November, 2000

             Department of Computational Linguistics,
             Tilburg University

The goal of the CLIN meeting is to bring together the Computational
Linguistics research community in the Netherlands (in the broadest
possible sense of the words `Netherlands', `computational' en
`linguistics'). The talks at the CLIN meeting are short, informal, and
cover many diverse subareas of the field.

This years meeting will be hosted by the Department of Computational
Linguistics at Tilburg University. The meeting will take place in
building Y on the campus of Tilburg University. The languages of the
conference will be Dutch and English.

The keynote lecture of CLIN 2000 is:

Gregory Grefenstette, (Xerox Research Centre Europe, France)
"Very Large Lexicons"

There will be three parallel sessions with tracks on Machine
Translation, Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, HPSG,
Parsing, Semantics, Machine Learning, Generation, Grammar, Finite
State Automata, POS tagging, Annotation, WWW, Dialogue and diverse
other topics. The full preliminary programme of the conference is
available at the CLIN2000 homepage (

We are planning to provide the opportunity for companies with research
and development efforts in Computational Linguistics to present
themselves in a poster-session. Those who wish to participate in this
should contact Jakub Zavrel (zavrel at for more information.

A volume with proceedings of the tenth CLIN meeting (held 10 December
1999, in Utrecht) will be available at this year's meeting.

The conference fee, hfl.65.-, can be paid in cash at the registration
desk. No pre-registration is required. This fee includes the
abovementioned volume of proceedings from the tenth CLIN, lunch, and a
reception afterward. Proceedings of older CLIN editions will be for sale at
registration desk. This year's proceedings will be available at CLIN 2001.

The local organisation committee of this year's meeting consists of
Walter Daelemans, Khalil Sima'an, Jorn Veenstra, and Jakub
Zavrel. Questions about the conference can be sent to clin2000 at

You can find this information, the preliminary conference program, and
hotel and travel information for Tilburg University on the CLIN 2000
webpage ( General information on CLIN can
be found at

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