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	Fifth Workshop on Interlinguas : Call for Papers

The call for papers for the Fifth Workshop on Interlinguas is
available at

The goal of this workshop is to bring together specialists to work out
a practical, cross-language system of semantic relations for use in
representing events and states of affairs including, but not limited
to, participant relations (e.g., agent, patient, recipient,
benefactee, instrument, etc.), spatial relations (e.g., anterior,
posterior, superior, inferior, interior, etc.) and temporal relations
(e.g., prior-to, following, concurrent, etc.).

Papers are invited on:
  identifying systems of semantic relations and the linguistic devices
  for expressing them,

  methods for developing (or extending) such systems of relations,

  inferencing techniques for exploiting such systems of relations for
  particular MT tasks, such as

     reference resolution,
     the recovery of ellipted information,
     interpeting noun-noun compounds,
     metonymy and metaphor, etc.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, September 19, 2001, in
conjunction with MT Summit VIII in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Submission deadline: April 15, 2001

For further information, contact:
Steve Helmreich          or       David Farwell
shelmrei at             david at
505.646.2141			  505.646.5108

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