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We are happy to announce a new resource available via ELRA:

S0123 Basque Spoken Corpus, by John Aske (Professor Assistant,
Foreign Languages Department, Salem State College)

A description is given below.

*** Basque Spoken Corpus, by John Aske (Professor Assistant,
Foreign Languages Department, Salem State College) ***

This is a collection of forty two narratives in the Basque language
(Euskara) by native speakers. It includes sound files (MP3 format)
and full detailed transcripts. Each of the narratives is a recounting
of a short, silent movie that the speaker has just watched to a friend
or acquaintance who has not seen the movie (no other person was
present in the room, just the recording equipment). Two short silent
movies were used to elicit the narratives: Twenty one of the narratives
correspond to the 7-minute silent movie The Pear Story (Chafe, ed., 1980)
and the other 21 are about a 12 minute collage from Charlie Chaplin's
Modern Times. The recordings were made as a part of a study on Basque
word order in 1993 (Aske 1997). The transcriptions are made following a
modified version of the guidelines given in Edwards and Lampert 1993. The
speakers were from different age groups, different dialects, and had differing
language abilities. Profiles of the speakers are also included. In addition to
the 42 narratives with transcripts, 53 additional sound tracks of
speech and description of still images are also included.

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