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Fri May 24 09:24:44 UTC 2002

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Research Position in Tutorial Dialogue

A research associate or postdoc is sought to participate in
a new project in the area of intelligent tutorial dialogue
systems teaching mathematics.

The goal of this research project is (1) to empirically
investigate flexible dialogue management strategies in
complex mathematics tutoring dialogues; (2) to develop an
experimental prototype system gradually embodying the
empirical findings.

The experimental system will engage in a dialogue in natural
language (and perhaps other modes of communication) and help
a student to understand and produce mathematical proofs. It
is envisaged that the (tutorial-)dialogue component would be
embedded within the ActiveMath learning environment
( and make use of the the
mathematical assistent system Omega

The qualifications for this position are a PhD or equivalent
in a research area related to Natural Language Processing.
Interest and experience with dialogue systems, natural
language analysis and/or generation, empirical methods
and/or annotation are especially desirable.

The position is located at the University of the Saarland,
Saarbruecken, Germany, at the Computational Linguistics
department (  The research is
carried out in cooperation with the Computer Science
department ( and

The duration of this research position is for 2 years (with
the possibility of an extension). Salary of BAT2 level
according to German regulations (depends on age).  The
project is funded by the German Research Agency (DFG),
within the SFB378 project (Resource adaptive cognitive

The starting date for the position is as soon as possible.
We hope to make hiring decisions in the next few weeks.

Please send inquiries and CVs or resumes to
jobs-cl2 at

Prof. Dr. Manfred Pinkal - Computational Linguistics -
University of Saarland D-66041 Saarbruecken
pinkal at -
Phone +49 (681) 302-4343  -  Fax +49 (681) 302-4351
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