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In response to a number of pleas, we are extending the deadline until
September 10, 2003.



                  Lorraine-Saarland Workshop Series

                      Nancy, October 20-21 2003

          Deadline for abstracts, demos: September 10, 2003


In the context of the Lorraine-Saarland Workshop Series, we are
organizing a workshop entitled "Prospects and advances in the
syntax/semantics interface".  The workshop series is a joint
initiative of LORIA (Nancy) and MPI (Saarbrücken).  The workshop
itself will take place in Nancy, October 20-21 2003.

Both in Lorraine and in the Saarland, considerable interest and active
research efforts have started to gravitate around the syntax/semantics
interface. Our objective with this workshop is to bring together the
many researchers who are involved in these efforts, to report on
e.g. formal, computational, and empirical issues, to increase mutual
awareness and improve lines of communication, and to foster
collaboration on the integration of computational semantics into
grammar frameworks.  (while there is a certain regional bias in this
workshop, we welcome submissions from anywhere).

The idea is to construct the workshop program around presentations (on
the basis of reviewed papers), a panel discussion, and a session of
informal demos.  Authors are invited to submit 4-page extended
abstracts (for presentation), 1-page position papers for the panel,
and 3-page abstracts for demos.

IMPORTANT: Please inform us of your _intent_ to participate as early
as possible (by emailing to lorraine-saarland at


We welcome submissions on all aspects of the syntax/semantics
interface, including formal, computational and empirical issues, as
well as on applications.  We are particularly keen on recent
developments, work in progress, and prospective projects, in other
words, all contributions which may serve to increase the mutual
awareness of on-going research and to encourage the formation of joint
research efforts.  Merely as a suggestion, we provide here a
non-exhaustive list of possible topics:

      - grammatical and metagrammatical formalisms
      - constraint formalisms
    computational issues (processing, algorithms, constraints):
      - processing tree descriptions
    computational semantics
      - application of the syntax/semantics interface in the service
        of computational semantics
    corpus-based and empirical research:
      - semantics annotations
      - learning
      - preferences
      - statistical methods, robustness


Our theme is: "description, processing and integration of multiple
sources of information in the modeling and computational analysis of
natural language". We are especially interested in the integrative
aspect of this enterprise which not only touches on all aspects of
computational linguistics, but also reaches across the border into
other areas such as ontologies and the semantic web.


- Deadline for submissions: September 10, 2003
- Notification of acceptance: September 19, 2003
- Workshop: October 20-21, 2003


There will be no registration fee, and we will provide proceedings,
lunch, and coffee breaks.  However, due to the strong local character
of the workshop, everyone should make their own arrangements for
accommodations (although, if you need help, please email to
lorraine-saarland at  We will also organize a dinner at a
restaurant on the evening of Day 1 for those interested.


Day 1
10:00 Start/Paper session (5 papers)
12:30 Lunch
14:30 Panel discussion
16:00 Tea/coffee break
16:30 Paper session (2 papers)
17:30 End/Dinner

Day 2
09:30 Start/Paper session (3 papers)
11:00 Tea/Coffee break
11:30 Paper session (2 papers)
12:30 Lunch
14:30 Demos
16:30 Final wrap-up of workshop
17:00 End


Carlos Areces          (LORIA, Nancy)
Patrick Blackburn      (LORIA, Nancy)
Paul Buitelaar          (DFKI, Saarbrücken)
Denys Duchier          (LORIA, Nancy; Chair)
Philippe de Groote     (LORIA, Nancy)
Valia Kordoni           (COLI, Saarbrücken)
Geert-Jan Kruijff       (COLI, Saarbrücken; Chair)
Guy Perrier            (LORIA, Nancy)
Manfred Pinkal          (COLI, Saarbrücken)
Hans Uszkoreit     (COLI/DFKI, Saarbrücken)

Denys Duchier - Équipe Calligramme - LORIA, Nancy, France
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