Appel: Bulag, Divergence in translation between Asian languages and French

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Call for papers


Special number

«Divergence in translation between Asian languages and French»


One single and same idea can be verbalized in various ways depending
on the languages employed; texts in different languages which are the
result of translation reveal divergences at all linguistic
levels. Such divergences are due to what? The languages
origin is evidently not the only reason, every language possessing its
own lexicon, syntax and pragmatics. Moreover, a given text, that is
generated (and interpreted as well) in a communicative situation with
our cognitive luggage and socio-cultural background, constitutes a
body which is complex and whose components are connected synergically
and this too, in a way that is appropriate for each language.

In this context, the aim of this number of the BULAG is to shed light
on questions such as: «what is the nature of the divergence observed
in translated texts?, «what are the sources of this
divergence?, and «what are the processes which enable
eliminating diversity between languages in order to obtain semantic


The following are privileged topics (which does not exclude others
that are related to the subject):

-        Translation divergence under its multiple linguistic facets
-        Resolution of translation divergence for semantic equivalence

Applied linguistics

-        Tools used for studies on translation divergence
-        Machine translation and Computer Aided Translation focusing
         on partial or total restructuring of translation divergences

Important dates

Submission deadline: June 20, 2004
Author notification: July 30, 2004
Final version (ready for reproduction): October 1, 2004

Submission guidelines

The paper is to be written in English or French and sent by preference
using electronic mail to the following addresses:

huilan at
kyoko.kuroda at

In case of the impossibility of sending the paper by electronic mail,
a submission sent by post will be accepted. A diskette and a paper
copy of the contribution are to be sent to the following address:

Hui-Lan CHAO
French Department
Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages
900, Mintsu 1st Road,
807 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Information concerning the paper's format:
RTF format is to be employed.
The paper should be a document of 5000 words maximum.

An RTF format model for the paper can be downloaded from the following


Hui-Lan CHAO and Kyoko KURODA


huilan at
kyoko.kuroda at

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