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2nd International Conference on the Meaning - Text Theory (MTT-2005)

Moscow, June 23-25, 2005

Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of


The Meaning ¤ Text theory (MTT) was proposed by Igor Mel'_uk about 40 years
ago as a framework for describing natural language as a multi-level
correspondence between the meanings and the texts with a strong emphasis on
the dictionary. Later, MTT was supplemented by the theory of integrated
linguistic description and systemic lexicography by Jury Apresjan. This
theory focuses on the coordinated description of the grammar and the
lexicon and establishing multi-faceted systemic links on a dictionary-wide
scale. In recent years, MTT has largely internationalized and has now
active supporters in many countries. It has diverse interconnections with
other current theories and approaches, such as LFG, HPSG, Tree-Adjoining
Grammar, Functional Grammar, Word Grammar. Fruitful links have emerged
between MTT and lexicography, typology, language teaching and computational
linguistics. The objective of MTT-2005 is to bring together people working
in MTT directly and those working in other frameworks and willing to relate
their approach to MTT.

The First conference on the MTT linguistics took place in 2003 at the Ecole
Normale Supérieure, Paris and attracted 32 contributions from researchers
of 14 countries. MTT-2003 Proceedings are available at

We expect to discuss a wide range of topics related to the elaboration of
formal models of natural languages. In particular, we welcome submissions
on the following topics:
... Modelling of various levels of linguistic representation (phonology,
morphology, syntax, semantics)
... Interaction between grammar and dictionary. Types of lexical and
grammatical meanings and their interaction
... Semantic types of predicate words
... Valences, actants and semantic roles
... The theory of lexical functions
... Lexicography and terminography
... Mathematical aspects of MTT
... MTT and language learning
... Computational implementation of MTT
... Use of MTT in NLP applications.

Computer demos are encouraged.

The actual length of the presentation will depend on the number of
proposals accepted, but participants should reckon on 25-30 minute
presentations plus 10 minutes for discussion. The final arrangement will be
communicated together with the abstract acceptance notification.


The program will consist of several invited talks, regular presentations
and computer demos.

We have already received consent to give an invited talk from Juri
Apresjan, Igor Mel'_uk and Elena Paducheva. We expect a few more invited
speakers to give their consent.


Abstracts of talks should not exceed 3000 words (about 6 pages) including
examples and references. The front page should contain the title but no
author name. Include a separate page with the author's name, email address,
and institutional affiliation. The languages of the presentations at the
conference will be English and Russian.

The abstracts should be sent by e-mail as an attachment (Word or PDF
format) to: mtt2005 at

The formatting requirements for the publication will be provided with the
notification of acceptance.


Submission deadline: March 11, 2005.
Notification of acceptance: April 1, 2005
Final version due: April 15, 2005


Victor Vinogradov, Institute of Linguistics, Moscow (Co-chair)
Alexander Moldovan, Institute of Russian Language, Moscow (Co-chair)
Andrej Kibrik, Institute of Linguistics, Moscow
Vladimir Plungian, Institute of Linguistics, Moscow
Boris Iomdin, Institute of Russian Language, Moscow
Andrei Sannikov, Institute of Russian Language, Moscow
Irina Lazurskaja, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Moscow

PROGRAMME COMMITTEE (preliminary list)

Juri Apresjan, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Moscow,
Igor Boguslavsky, Institute for Information Transmission Problems,
Moscow/Madrid Technical University (Chair)
Christian Boitet, GETA, Grenoble, France
George Chikoidze, Georgian Academy of Sciences, Georgia
Alexander Dikovsky, University of Nantes, France
Leonid Iomdin, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Moscow,
Lidija Iordanskaja, OLST, University of Montreal, Canada
Sylvain Kahane, University Paris 10, France
Igor Mel'_uk, University of Montreal, Canada
Alexis Nasr, University Paris 7, France
Krasimira Petrova, University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Alain Polguère, OLST, University of Montreal, Canada
Tilmann Reuther, University of Klagenfurt, Austria
Gilles Sérasset, GETA, Grenoble, France
Leo Wanner, University Pompeu Fabra, Spain.


Those who need a visa to enter Russia please contact the Organizing
Committee for support.


Further details about the conference will be publicised in further
circulars to participants. A web page will soon be opened where up-to-date
information on our plans for the conference will be made available.

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