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                           Call for Papers
                           ISKO-France 2005
 ``Knowledge organization in usage-oriented Information Systems:Watch
                 and Economic Intelligence context''
                           28-29 April 2005
                            Nancy, FRANCE


Important dates:
15 December 2004: Paper Submission Deadline
15 January2005: Paper Acceptance Notification.
15 February 2005: Camera-ready Copies Due

Goals and Topics

One of the most outstanding evolutions in recent years in the field of
information systems relates to the orientation of the use of these
systems. It is no longer simply a question of modelling information
according to their contents but according to its uses. It is thus
necessary to take into account the characteristics related to the
problems to solve using the information as well as the characteristics
of the users of these systems. The contexts of use widen, from various
types of watch (technological, environmental, competing, legal, etc.)
to strategic watch and economic intelligence.

This is why we are proposing to bring together researchers and
industrialists in order to expose their research work in the field of
integration of the contexts of use of information and the user
characteristics to all the stages of decisional problem resolution
using information, as well as in the various phases of information
system design.

The following topics, but not limited, could be presented:

· The user oriented information representation (the representation of
  information according to potential uses),
· The impacts of decisional environments,
· The specification of a decisional problem,
· User model,  acquisition and exploitation of knowledge on users,
· New competences for the exploitation user oriented information

We consider economic intelligence as a process composed of the
following stages:

a) Identification if a decisional problem,
b) Transformation of the decisional problem to information search
c) Identification and validation of information sources,
d) Retrieval and validation of information,
e) Processing, analysis and presentation of collected information,
f) Interpretation of indicators,
g) Decision and its application to the identified problem.

Each of these stages calls for particular vigilance by employing the
adequate mechanisms of protection.

The consideration for the adequacy of information to a decisional
problem, and by extension the consideration for the user (or decision
maker), can intervene from stages (b) to (e). These stages are
referred to as the watch process.  Our objective is to allow
researchers and developers present their work as related to modelling
and also their applications to these various stages. More
specifically, the application and research work can relate to the
consideration of uses and the users as related to the activities of
representation of information search problem, the automatic collection
of information, the annotation or the reformatting of information, the
analysis of information, etc.  Taking into account the importance of
stage (a), work related to the specification of a decisional problem
can be presented for stages (f) and (g).

Contact Person
Professor Amos DAVID
Amos.David at loria.fr

Scientific committee	                     
· Bucure Théodor, Cabinet FROM
· BulingeFranck, Toulon
· Chaudiron Stéphane, Paris X
· Clerc Philippe, AFCI
· Colettis-Salles Maryse, Toulouse 1
· Couzinet Viviane, Toulouse 3
· Dabbadie Marianne, Paris 8
· David Amos, Nancy 2
· Ducloy Jacques, INIST-CNRS
· Dumas Philippe, Toulon
· Ermine Jean-Louis, INT Paris
· Frion Pascal, ACRIE Nante
· Henneron Gérard, Grenoble 3
· Laprevote Louis-Philippe, Nancy 2
· Larouk Omar, ENSSIB Lyon 3
· Levet Jean-Louis, AFDIE
· Metzger Jean-Paul, ENSSIB Lyon 3
· Mustafa El Hadi Widad, Lille 3
· Palermiti Rosalba, Grenoble 3
· Polanco Xavier, INIST-CNRS
· Thiery Odile, Nancy 2

Organizing committee
. DAVID Amos
· THIERY Odile
· DENYS Levassor
· GORIA Stéphane
· FRIOT Raphaëlle
· DE MARTIN Béatrice
· ROBERTS Charles
· SIMON Céline

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