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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 16:13:48 +0200
From: Magali Jeanmaire <duclaux at elda.fr>
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Evaluation campaign on French parsers

The EASY evaluation campaign started on 15th October 2004;
it will run until next 15th December.
This evaluation campaign aims at creating and applying an evaluation
methodology to evaluate parsers for the French language.  It also aims
at building a low cost validated language resource obtained by
combining automatically the annotated data produced with the test
corpus. The aim is also to create a community around evaluation of
parsers for French.

The corpus contains 1 million words, extracted from newspapers
articles and official reports, medical documents, emails, questions,
speech transcriptions and literature texts. The evaluation measures
will be calculated on the corpus type and on several dimensions.

In order to make the evaluation possible, a common formalism has been
adopted by the participants. They will have to adapt the output of
their parsers to conform to this formalism.


More details are available at:
- http://www.elda.org/easy
- http://www.limsi.fr/Recherche/CORVAL/easy
- http://www.technolangue.net (Section Action Technolangue -> Projets)

Organising committee:

- Patrick Paroubek, patrick.paroubek at limsi.fr
- Isabelle Robba, isabelle.robba at limsi.fr
- Anne Vilnat, anne.vilnat at limsi.fr

- Louis-Gabriel Pouillot, pouillot at elda.org


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