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           Call for contributions / Call for participation

Please distribute widely

-          JRC Ispra (Northern Italy), 26-27 September 2005 (Monday and

-          Travel expenses and daily allowance will be reimbursed

-          Focus on the participation from the new and future EU Member
States and their languages

-          Parallel corpus in up to twenty languages of the 'Acquis
Communautaire' (AC)

-          Workshop web page:

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) is going to hold
a workshop on the exploitation of parallel corpora available for the
twenty official EU languages and is seeking scientists who can
actively contribute by presenting tools and ideas. At the same time,
we are looking for persons who would like to participate in the
workshop without giving a presentation.  We are particularly
interested in dealing with the new EU languages (Czech, Estonian,
Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Slovene, Slovak) and
in creating resources for these languages, as well as in
language-independent or knowledge-poor methods.

Applications and resources of interest include, but are not restricted to:

-          sentence, phrase and word alignment

-          term and collocation extraction

-          generation of bilingual or multilingual dictionaries

-          automatic thesaurus construction and word clustering

-          information extraction

-          training and tuning of Machine Learning systems for statistical
MT and more

-          automatic classification methods using the Eurovoc thesaurus

-          usage of the generated resources for real-life applications

-          .

This workshop is part of the European Commission's effort to integrate
scientists from the new and future EU Member States
(http://www.jrc.cec.eu.int/enlargement/action2005/index.htm) into the
so-called European Research Area
earch_space.htm> &sidstsz=european_research_space.htm). For this reason, we
are particularly looking for participants from the new EU Member States,
>>From Candidate and Acceding Countries and from Potential Candidate Countries
(Western Balkans).


When the ten countries joined the European Union in 2004, they had to
translate and ratify an existing collection of about ten thousand
legal EU documents covering a large variety of subject areas. This
document collection is referred to as the 'Acquis Communautaire'
(AC). The JRC has collected large parts of this document collection
and intends to exploit it to build multilingual term dictionaries. Due
to the fact that the AC (as well as most other EC documents) has been
classified according to the multilingual subject domain classification
system Eurovoc (http://europa.eu.int/celex/eurovoc/), it should be
possible to automatically generate subject-specific term
dictionaries. For some information about the AC corpus, see:

     Tomaz Erjavec, Camelia Ignat, Bruno Pouliquen & Ralf Steinberger
     Massive multilingual corpus compilation; Acquis Communautaire and
     In: 2nd Language & Technology Conference: Human Language Technologies
     as a Challenge for Computer Science and Linguistics (L&T'05). Poznań,
     Poland, 21-23 April 2005. Available at


We plan to hold the workshop on Thursday and Friday 22/23 September 2005 at
the Joint Research Centre in Ispra. Ispra is located at the Lago Maggiore
lake, about 60 km West of Milan. The nearest airport is Milano Malpensa. For
more details, see


If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please send a
message to Ralf.Steinberger at jrc.it before 27 June. If you can give a
presentation, please attach an abstract of what you propose to
present. If you prefer to simply attend the workshop, please explain
in a few lines why you are interested in this workshop. We plan to let
you know about your acceptance by mid-July.


Participants giving a presentation and participants from the new EU
Member States (with or without presentation) will be reimbursed for
the incurred travel cost, and they will receive a daily allowance of
149 Euro for each of the two working days. Participants will have to
pay for the hotel and for all other expenses out of this daily
allowance. About 30 participants will be reimbursed, with a maximum of
two persons per EU Member State. Additional persons can participate at
their own cost. Please note that the reimbursement usually takes
several months, but the JRC can pre-pay the travel tickets.


For scientific-technical issues and requests for participation, please
contact Mr. Ralf Steinberger (Ralf.Steinberger at jrc.it
<mailto:Ralf.Steinberger at jrc.it?subject=JRC%20Enlargement%20Workshop> ).

For organisational issues, travel, accommodation, reimbursement, etc.,
another contact person will soon be announced on the workshop web page.

Ralf Steinberger ( <mailto:Ralf.Steinberger at jrc.it> Ralf.Steinberger at jrc.it)

IPSC - SeS - Language Technology ( <http://www.jrc.it/langtech>

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