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                    Call for Participation
              (apologies for multiple postings)

        Workshop on the Analysis of Formal and Informal
              Information Exchange in Negotiations
                        FINEXIN 2005

                       May 26-27, 2005
                    University of Ottawa
                     Ottawa, ON, Canada

Please find detailed information about the technical program, invited
talks, registration and accommodation on the FINEXIN 2005 Web site:


Program highlights

The workshop will last a day and a half. There will be papers on
sentiment and behaviour analysis as reflected in texts, and on the
analysis of formal information exchanged in negotiations.

Invited talks

* May 26, 9 am. -- an opening address by Prof. Mel Shakun:
  "Information, Negotiation and Research in the GDN Community"

* May 26, 9:15 am. -- "Manual and Automatic Subjectivity Annotation"
       Prof. Janyce Wiebe (University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

* May 27, 9:15 am. -- "Preference structures and behavioural
                       consistency in negotiations"
       Prof. Rudolf Vetschera (University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria)

Main topics

There will be four sessions of technical presentations on the
following main topics.

1. Behaviour and sentiment analysis of informal communication
   in negotiations and in similar activities.

  - sentiment analysis,
  - detection of strategies in negotiations,
  - linguistic indicators of behaviour,
  - cultural influences in negotiations.

2. Analysis of formal offers in negotiations.

  - utility functions in negotiation support systems,
  - assessment of negotiation processes and outcomes based on
    utility functions.


  Stan Szpakowicz, PhD, Professor     www.site.uottawa.ca/~szpak
  SITE, Computer Science                   szpak at site.uottawa.ca
  University of Ottawa     +613-562-5800/6687, fax +613-562-5664

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