Ecole: GATE training course in Sheffield, April 27-28th 2006

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Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 16:54:20 +0100
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[Apologies for multiple copies]

The GATE team at the University of Sheffield ( will
be running a 2-day training course on April 27-28th.

More details:

GATE is a widely-used open source system for text mining, information
extraction, semantic annotation and other language-related tasks.

GATE is...

- like Eclipse for Natural Language Engineering, like Lucene of
   Information Extraction, a leading toolkit for Text Mining

- used worldwide by thousands of scientists, companies, teachers and

- comprised of an architecture, a free open source framework (or SDK),
   graphical development environment and many plugins

- used for all sorts of language processing tasks, including
   Information Extraction in many languages

- funded by the EPSRC, BBSRC, AHRC, the EU and commercial users

- 100% Java, a reference implementation of ISO TC37/SC4 and used with
   XCES in the ANC

- 10 years old in 2005, used in many research projects and
   interoperable with IBM's UIMA

- based on MVC, mobile code, continuous integration, and test-driven
   development, with code hosted on SourceForge


Dr. Hamish Cunningham
Senior Research Scientist
Department of Computer Science
University of Sheffield
Regent Court
211 Portobello St.
Sheffield  S1 4DP
United Kingdom

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