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 Deadline for submission extended to April 19 . 

AAAI-06 Workshop

Ontology Learning on the Semantic Web

Call for Papers


Workshop Description and Objectives

With the advent of the Semantic Web, standard ontology languages are
emerging that will allow concept sharing on a wide scale.  Ontologies
expressed in a standard language, such as the Web Ontology Language
(OWL) and exposed on a network offer the potential for unprecedented
interoperability solutions since they are semantically rich, computer
understandable and inherently extensible.  However, the potential
power of ontological solutions is curtailed by the difficulty and
expense of building and maintaining ontologies manually.  Further, one
of the tenets that the Semantic Web inherits from the World Wide Web
is that anyone can publish anything about anything.  So, the accuracy
and relevance of information encountered on the Semantic Web cannot be
guaranteed, nor can consistency across multiple sources.  How can
ontology learning techniques be applied over the web based on the
trust and reputation of information sources?


The purpose of the Ontology Learning Workshop will be to bring
together researchers from academia and industry to exchange the latest
advances in ontology learning.  Our goals is to assemble the latest
research results that advance the automation of ontology learning over
the web and demonstrate the potential power of the technology.  We
will also focus on solutions to some of the challenges in learning
over the open web, including the role of trust in automated ontology
learning.  We also seek to identify use cases to which the research
can be applied.



We invite papers on the latest advances in ontology learning
techniques and algorithms.  We are interested in position papers that
propose new methods and design patterns for automated ontology
generation, linking and maintenance.  In particular, we are interested
in applying models of trust for ontology learning.  We are also
interested in applications, including requirements, lessons learned
and issues with ontology learning over a network.



We encourage participation from a variety of communities, including
researchers from academia and industry, standards organizations, and
vendors.  Users who seek interoperability solutions may be interested
in how to automate ontology generation.



The workshop will follow the following format.  First, we will invite
a leader in Ontology Learning to summarize the latest advances in this
area.  We will then present a series of talks that focus on
advancements in techniques to support automated ontology learning over
the web.  In the afternoon, a second invited speaker will discuss
trust models and propose how those might be used to support ontology
learning.  This will be followed by a panel session on issues in
ontology learning, which will be an interactive exchange between panel
members and the audience on the challenges in ontology learning on the
Semantic Web.  Finally, we will present a session to focus on
applications, including requirements, lessons learned and issues with
ontology learning over a network.  The workshop will close with an
identified set of follow up actions and next steps in advancing
automated ontology learning over the Semantic Web.


Products of the workshop include a set of proceedings, as well as
issues and requirements for an integrated framework for automated
ontology construction and maintenance.


Submission Requirements

We invite papers up to 8 pages in length in the style specified by
AAAI at (  Papers
should describe original completed work, work in progress, or
interesting problems or use cases.  Submitted papers will be fully
refereed based on the originality and significance of the ideas
presented as well as on technical aspects.  Submissions should be made
electronically to suzette at before April 19, 2006.


Workshop Chairs

Dr. Jugal Kalita

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway

Colorado Springs, Colorado  80918

Office (719) 262.3432

Fax (719) 262.3369

kalita at <outbind://10/> 


Dr. Leo Obrst 

The MITRE Corporation

7515 Colshire Drive
McLean, VA 22102-7508

Office (703) 983.6770

Fax (713) 983.1379

lobrst at <outbind://10/> 


Dr. Peter Patel-Schneider

Bell Labs Research

600 Mountain Avenue

Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974

Office (908) 582.4471

Fax (908) 582.7308

pfps at <mailto:pfps at> 


Ms. Suzette Stoutenburg

The MITRE Corporation

1155 Academy Park Loop

Colorado Springs, Colorado  80910

Office (719) 572.8323

Fax (719) 572.8477

suzette at

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