Job: Two Postdoctoral Research Positions in NLP (NCLT, Dublin, Ireland)

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Two Postdoctoral Research Positions in NLP (NCLT, Dublin, Ireland)

The National Centre for Language Technology (NCLT) and the School of
Computing at Dublin City University, Ireland, invite applications for
two Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) funded Postdoctoral research
positions in probabilistic, transfer-based machine translation and
probabilistic generation using treebank-based LFG resources (Cahill et
al. 2004, O'Donovan et al. 2005, Cahill and van Genabith 2006):

* PD1: Treebank-Based Acquisition of Wide-Coverage Probabilistic
Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG) Resources and Machine Translation (2
years: 2006-2008)

* PD2: Probabilistic Generation Using Treebank-Based, Wide-Coverage,
Probabilistic Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG) Resources (1 year:

The starting dates for the positions are early September (PD1) and
late September (PD2), 2006. The salary is euro 39,500 (approx)
p.a. The positions are available to both EU- and non-EU-applicants.

Ideal candidates have a strong background in Computational
Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning or Computer
Science. Knowledge of constraint-based grammar formalisms such as LFG,
HPSG, CCG, TAG, PATR-II and statistical NLP is a strong
asset. Programming experience and a keen interest in problem solving
and research are essential.

The successful applicants will work in a large NLP team of 20+
Ph.D. students and 6 Postdoctoral researchers at the National Centre
for Language Technology (NCLT) in the School of Computing at Dublin
City University.

In order to apply, please mail your CV and contact details for two
references by Friday, July 28th, 2006 to: josef at
Please also use this email address for informal inquiries.

Prof. Josef van Genabith
National Centre for Language Technology NCLT
School of Computing
Dublin City University,
Dublin 9, Ireland.


(Cahill et al. 2004) Long-Distance Dependency Resolution in
Automatically Acquired Wide-Coverage PCFG-Based LFG Approximations,
A. Cahill, M. Burke, R.  O'Donovan, J. van Genabith, and
A. Way. ACL-04, July 21-26, pp. 320-327, Barcelona, Spain, 2004

(O'Donovan et al. 2005) Large-Scale Induction and Evaluation of
Lexical Resources from the Penn-II and Penn-III Treebanks,
R. O'Donovan, M. Burke, A.  Cahill, J. van Genabith and
A. Way. Computational Linguistics, 31(3), pp. 329 - 365, 2005

(Cahill and van Genabith 2006) Robust PCFG-Based Generation using
Automatically Acquired LFG Approximations, A. Cahill and J. van
Genabith, COLING/ACL 2006, Sydney, Australia, 2006

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