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L. Médini.
Call for papers
Contextualizing Concurrent Engineering in Applications - CE'2006
<>  Workshop
13th ISPE International conference on concurrent Engineering: research
and applications
Leading the Web in Concurrent Engineering 
W3C <> - INRIA <> - CNRS
<> - University of Lyon <> 1
Antibes, France, 18 - 22 September 2006


Modeling human intelligence through context representation is a
growing research area within a large number of domains, and especially
scientific and technical domains. From the AI point of view, the role
of context in an increasing number of technologies is now clearly
recognized: in many real world applications (design, diagnosis,
interpretation, decision making, problem solving, recognition, etc.),
reasoning can be addressed partly or completely through the use of
context as a modeling paradigm.

Regarding Concurrent Engineering (CE) computerized tools, and
especially Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) integrated solutions,
current research activities are oriented towards providing users with
semantic services, using knowledge modelling and reasoning
techniques. As soon as "semantics" or "intelligent systems" are
concerned, the same problems due to contextual heterogeneity between
the various users' domains arise and restrict the relevance of these

It is in the nature of Concurrent Engineering to encounter such
semantic heterogeneity problems, since CE development processes
involve co-operators from different viewpoints (e.g. application
fields, nationality, languages, enterprise size...), and with
different objectives. For solving these problems, individuals and
computerized systems then need to agree on the terms and concepts
significance in their working contexts, and apply different reasoning
techniques depending on considered contextual parameters.

Objectives of the workshop

The CE'2006 <> conference aims at bringing
together industrials and researchers from the Web and among others,
the Semantic Web (SW) and CE communities. This workshop specifically
focuses on contextual aspects of the "Leading the Web in CE" general
purpose of the conference.

The AI and SW research community is currently developing theoretical
methods and corresponding tools for building web-based solutions that
take context into account. Such applications may be relevant for some
identified issues in CE, especially in semantics-related
applications. Assuming that, on the one hand, CE is by nature a
promising field for modeling and applying context, and that on the
other hand, embedding existing and future research work about context
in CE applications may improve these applications, the goals of the
workshop are (not limited) to:

- examine how to apply context-based AI/SW techniques in CE,

- see how CE can reuse experience and results of the use of context in
  other domains (collaborative work, information retrieval, ubiquitous
  computing, pervasive information systems, etc.),

- explore the feasibility of generalizing these techniques and
  embedding them in a future generation of CE computerized integration


A non-exhaustive list of the workshop topics follows.
-    Specific aspects of modellling and representing context in CE
-    Context-oriented languages and stantards formalisms for CE
-    State of the art, evaluation and comparison of context uses in CE
-    Dynamic aspects of context in CE applications
-    Using context in ontology-based CE information systems
-    Referring multiple contexts and ontologies in CE applications
-    Context-aided semantic interoperability
-    Context and the Semantic Web for CE
-    Contextualizing CE Web Services
-    Context-oriented applications for CE information systems
-    Context-aware applications for CE information systems
-    Contextual frameworks and tools for CE applications
- Context in specific CE application fields (Information Retrieval,
     e-commerce, multimedia communication software, peer-to-peer,
     pervasive computing and ambient intelligence applications...)


This workshop seeks original papers on how to represent, model and use
context to carry out real-world reasoning in Concurrent
Engineering. Two different categories of themes are identified for
this workshop:

- industrial applications, showing (or at least identifying) examples
  of context-based applications in CE-like domains,

- theoretical work about specific context modelling and reasoning for CE.

More specifically, the objective of this workshop is to exchange
research results and ideas on identifying context in CE-based
applications, as well as modeling the application using contexts, in
the most appropriate way. Any papers that address these and similar
areas are welcome. Especially welcome will be papers describing any
modeling application where context plays a crucial and effective role.

Contributions are to be submitted through the regular CE'2006 full
paper submission process. They should be clearly identified as being
submitted for this workshop by being uploaded in the ad hoc website
folder. Please check the conference website for detailed information regarding
submission modalities.


For being compliant with the CE'2006 instructions, authors should
provide a set of keywords relevant for their articles. Please find
hereafter a set of relevant keywords for this workshop.

-    Context modelling and representation
-    Context-based reasoning
-    Context-based semantic interoperability
-    Context in description / first-order logics
-    Context and knowledge representations
-    Context and standards
-    Context-based collaborative applications
-    Context-aware applications
-    Real-world applications in context
-    Contextual aspects of semantic enterprise
-    Mobile and multimodal working environment ...

Extended papers publication

The final camera-ready papers will be limited to 8 pages, but authors
of the best papers will be encouraged to provide extended versions of
their papers that will possibly be published in a special issue of a
computer science and information systems journal (not defined yet).

Important dates

Full paper submissions due:    April 14, 2006
Notification letters sent:    May 10, 2006
Camera ready copy due:    July 03, 2006


Lionel Médini    co-chair
    U. Lyon 1, France
    lionel.medini at

Patrick Brézillon    co-chair
    U. Paris 6, France
    Patrick.Brezillon at 

Lionel Médini - Associate professor
LIRIS Laboratory - Computer science department
Lyon 1 University, France

Université Lyon 1, bâtiment "Nautibus"
43, boulevard du 11 novembre 1918
F-69622 Villeurbanne cedex
Phone : +33 4 72 43 16 36
Fax : +33 4 72 43 15 36
lionel.medini at

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