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2nd call for papers


RIAO 2007 Large-Scale Semantic Access to Content (Text, Image, Video
and Sound) - 8th Conference - May 30 to June 1, 2007 Pittsburgh, PA,


RIAO'2007 will be held at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, USA from May 30 through June 1, 2007. The RIAO
conferences, organized by the "Centre de Hautes Etudes Internationales
d'Informatique Documentaire - C.I.D., treat robust and large-scale
scientific and industrial solutions to information processing. This is
the 8th RIAO after conferences in Grenoble (1985), MIT (1988),
Barcelona (1991), Rockefeller University (1994), Montreal (1997),
Paris (2000), and Avignon (2004).


The conferences are composed of peer-reviewed scientific sessions and
demonstrations of innovative industrial applications and advanced
research prototypes.


  Deadline for paper submissions   December 1, 2006  
  Acceptance Letters sent           February 15, 2007       
  Program Published                 February 27, 2007       
  Camera-Ready Copies Due           April 1, 2007     
  Conference Dates                  May 30, May 31, June 1, 2007 

Scope of the Conference

Papers are invited on recent, substantial, original and unpublished
research that has been validated to the level of the creation of a
functioning prototype. We are interested in large-scale solutions to
the problem of accessing the semantic content found in unstructured
text, images, video and audio. Submissions should describe solutions
to these problems from the following perspectives:

    * Automatic indexing of video, images, and speech
    * Improved indexing of text, image, video and sound
    * Ontologies and unstructured data
    * Semantic Web and Ontologies for Full-Scale Information Retrieval
    * Automatically producing textual descriptions of images
    * Automatically adding metadata to video and sound
    * Indexing and retrieval of mixed-media documents
    * Indexing interactive documents
    * Natural interface dialogue
    * Multimedia question answering systems
    * Competitive Intelligence
    * Intelligent Search Agents
    * Multimodal search
    * Architectures for semantic treatment of very large databases
    * Algorithms for semantic treatment of very large databases
    * Comprehension-based question answering and summarization
    * Cooperative indexing between media
    * Semantics for less studied languages
    * Semantic representations and standards
    * Collaborative construction of semantic resources
    * Indexing multilingual collections
    * Automatic extraction of ontologies from unstructured data
    * Aligning multilingual ontologies
    * Language resources for multimedia indexing
    * Extracting semantic resources from raw data
    * Semantic annotation of blogs and videoblogs
    * Exploiting large-scale resources for e-learning
    * Structuring cultural heritage
    * Technological, commercial, industrial watch systems
    * Semantic access to large and open archives
Paper Submission

We welcome submissions both from the research community and industry
concerning the main conference theme of treating the semantic content
of large quantities of text, images, videos, and sound.

Submitted papers should describe original work, emphasizing completed
or well advanced, rather than intended, research. The state of
completion of the reported work must be clearly indicated. Where
appropriate, results should be rigorously evaluated; the assessment of
statistical significance for quantitative results is encouraged.

Submissions should contain original material that has not been
previously presented to the scientific community. A parallel
submission for other publication or a significant overlap in contents
with previously published work should be clearly indicated to the
program committee.

All submissions will be reviewed by at least three program committee
members. The submissions will be judged on originality, relevance,
technical quality, and presentation.

Papers must be submitted on the conference's web site:


Papers can be submitted in two categories: long papers or short
papers. Full papers are appropriate for describing substantial
research with well-evaluated results and short papers will typically
describe ongoing research and preliminary results. All accepted papers
in both categories will be published in the conference proceedings. At
the conference, full papers will be presented as a talk and short
papers will be presented as a poster.


Long papers must not be more than 20 pages (on one column,
single-spaced, using Times font 12 points), starting with an
abstract. Short papers must not be more than 6 pages (on one column,
single-spaced, using Times font 12 points), starting with an
abstract. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word format or in PDF.

The conference proceedings will be available to conference attendees
and through the CID after the conference.


Program Committee

Program Committee Presidents

Americas  EVANS David, CEO & Chief Scientist, Clairvoyance Corporation, USA
Asia, Oceania     FURUI Sadaoki, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Europe, Africa    SOULÉ-DUPUY Chantal, IRIT, Université Toulouse I, France

Program Committee Members

BELLOT Patrice, Université d'Avignon, France 
BERRUT Catherine, IMAG, France 
BOUGHANEM Mohand, IRIT, Université Paul Sabatier, France 
BOUJEMAA Nouzha, INRIA, France 
BRAJNIK Giorgio, University of Udine, Italy 
CALLAN Jamie, Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
CHEN Hsin-Hsi, National Taiwan University, Taiwan 
CHEN Yixin, University of New Orleans, USA 
CHEVALIER Max, IRIT, Université Paul Sabatier, France 
CHRISTMAS William, University of Surrey, UK 
CRESTANI Fabio, University of Strathclyde, UK 
DAELEMANS Walter, Anvers University, Belgium 
de JONG Franciska, University of Twente, The Netherlands 
DOWNIE Stephen J., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA 
DUYGULU Pinar, Bilkent University, Turkey 
ELLIS Daniel, Columbia University, USA 
ENSER Peter, University of Brighton, UK 
FEDERICO Marcello, ITC-IRST, Trente, Italy 
FLUHR Christian, CEA/LIST, France 
FUHR Norbert, University of Duisberg, Deutchland 
FUNG Pascale, University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong, China 
GALLINARI Patrick, LIP6 Paris, France 
GAUSSIER Eric, XEROX France, France 
GAUVAIN Jean-Luc, LIMSI, France 
GEOFFROIS Edouard, DGA, France 
GONZALO Julio, UNED, Spain 
GRAU Brigitte, LIMSI - CHM - LIR, France 
GROSKY William, Michigan Dearborn University, USA 
HAINDL Michael, IITA, Czech Republic 
HALIN Gilles, LORIA, France 
HANSEN John H. L., University of Dallas, USA 
HIRTLE Stephen C., University of Pittsburgh, USA 
KANDO Noriko, National Institute of Informatics (NII), Japan 
KOTROPOULOS Constantine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 
KURIMO Mikko, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland 
LAGUS Krista, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland 
LALMAS Mounia, Queen Mary University of London, UK 
LAM Wai, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China 
LEUNG Howard, City Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, China 
LIDDY Elisabeth, Syracuse University, USA 
LIU Hugo, MIT Media Laboratory, USA 
LU Hanging, Chinese Academy of Sciences - Institute of Automation, China
MAAREK Yoelle, IBM, Haifa, Israel 
MARCOTEGUI Beatriz, École des Mines, France 
McCOWAN Iain, CSIRO, Australia 
MENG Helen, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China 
NIE Jian-Yun, Université de Montréal, Canada 
OARD Douglas, University of Maryland, USA 
OUNIS Iadh, University of Glasgow, UK 
PACHET Francois, SONY, France 
PARDAS Montse, Universitat Polytecnica de Catalunya, Spain 
PASI Gabriella, CNR - ITM Milan, Italy 
PAUWELS Erik, CWI Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
PETEK Bojan, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 
PETERS Carols, CNR, Italia 
PINON Jean-Marie, LIRIS - INSA Lyon, France 
POPAT Ashok, Google, USA 
PUN Thierry, CUI - Université de Genève, Switzerland 
QU Yan, Clairvoyance Corporation, USA 
RAUBER Andreas, Vienna University of Technology, Austria 
RENALS Steve, University of Edinburgh, UK 
SAKAI Tetsuya, Knowledge Media Lab, Toshiba Corp. R&D Center, Japan 
SASAKI Yutaka, ATR, Japon 
SARACEVIC Tefko, Rutgers - State University of New Jersey, USA 
SAVOY Jacques, Université de Neuchatel, Switzerland 
SMEATON Alan, Dublin City University, Ireland 
TAKENOBU Tokunaga, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 
TZANETAKIS George, University of Victoria, Canada van 
RIJSBERGEN Keith, University of Glasgow, UK 
WILKINSON Ross, CSIRO, Australia 
XU Guangyou, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 
ZHANG Zhengyou, Microsoft Research, USA 
ZHAO Rong, State university of New York, USA 
ZHOU Ming, Microsoft Research, Hong Kong, China
ZREIK Khaldoun, Université de Caen, France     

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