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                        Second Call for Papers

    Applications of Semantics, Opinion and Sentiments in eLearning

             Workshop organized under the joint aegis of
                  ELSNET and the LT4eL FP6  project
                      To be held at EUROLAN 2007
                    July 23-27 2007 Iasi, Romania


              Paper submission deadline: May 21st, 2007

The workshop will address the main themes of the EUROLAN-2007 Summer
School, that is Semantics, Opinions and Sentiments (SOS), in relation
with eLearning.

One of the main benefits of education is that it allows the student to
come into direct contact with the lecturer. In face-to-face classroom
education, a significant part of the formation is based on this
activity, in which the student listens to the lecturer, and is
supposed to be conquered by her/his eloquence, by her/his vocabulary
and style, by the charm and charismatic presence of a human being. The
role of a lecturer is to transmit not only knowledge, but also
passion, discipline, and moral values. Very often, sentiments, as let
to be perceived by the lecturer and the student, influence crucially
the quality of education.  Emotions and their expression should be
perceived either as a feedback in the reaction of the student or as a
component of the didactic activities.

Within technology enhanced learning, interaction is mediated by the
computer and the role of the human lecturer seems to be diminished.
However, a new generation of eLearning systems is being developed, in
which the human component will play a much more relevant role.  The
challenge is to make the learning activities, in which the computer
gains a more and more significant position, as natural as possible.

The intent of the workshop is to present new work and innovating ideas
for the development of eLearning systems that will exploit opinions
and sentiments in the communication between the tutor (real or
virtual) and the student.  The following topics are relevant for the
ASOS event:

* molecules of emotion, sentiment classification and modeling
* automatic and semi-automatic discovery of subjectivity
  indicators in education
* signaling and controlling sentiments in learning objects
* separation of subjectivity and objectivity in educational
* automatic generation of learning objects by integrating
  opinions and sentiments into content
* humor recognition and generation in educational media
* tracking themes and opinions over time
* annotation for deep semantics, sentiment, and subjectivity in
* subjectivity/sentiment and analysis of discourse and dialogue
  in chats, blogs, forums and interactive educational systems
* educational interfaces involving avatars displaying emotion
* communicating emotion in intelligent educational systems
* sentiments, opinions and rational behaviors in educational
* relationship between intelligent systems and emotional systems
* novel intelligent learning structures for emotional function
  and eLearning
* implementation of emotional systems and e-learning systems
* expressivity communicated in learning environments through
  speech and text
* applications of SOS to improve personalized and adaptive
  learning, adaptive information filtering and retrieval,
  intelligent tutoring
* behavior, emotions and sentiment ontologies
* evaluation of SOS in eLearning environments
* evaluation of emotional eLearning systems
* multilingual aspects in all the above

Papers are invited on substantial, original, and unpublished work
within the workshop themes.  All submissions (even if they focus on
only one a spect of the mentioned topics) should show how eLearning
could benefit from the results.

We encourage submissions by YOUNG RESEARCHERS even if their research
is in its initial stage since the workshop will give the chance to
presenters to shape their ideas and receive feedback.

The workshop will run for three-four consecutive evenings during the
EUROLAN-07 Summer School.  Selected proposals will be invited for a 30
minutes presentation which will be followed by one hour discussion
moderated by a member of the Program Committee. The papers presented,
together with a text summarizing the recorded discussions following
the presentations, will be published in a volume in the "Al.I.Cuza"
Publishing House.

The best reviewed submission will be granted a scholarship from the
LT4eL European Project ( to cover the EUROLAN
registration fee.

Proposals should be no  longer than 8 pages, references excluded,
and should be structured as follows:
- title, authors and affiliations
- short   presentation   of   the  domain  and  related  work/and
- your own previous work in this area (if existent)
- the main idea of the proposal
- your expected feedback from  the audience, including some major
  questions that you want to address
- the potential and feasibility of the idea
- the foreseen dangers
- references

In order for your proposal to be selected, you should convince the
Program Committee that it is SMART (Specific to the mentioned field,
the effort encumbered be Measurable, its objectives be Achievable, the
outcome be Relevant, and its realization be well Time-framed).

Submissions will be electronic. The  papers will be uploaded on a
special  page,  details can be found on  the  web  page of the ASOS
workshop. Important dates:
* Paper submissions deadline: May 21, 2007
* Notification of acceptance: June 11, 2007
* Presentations / final papers due: July 9, 2007
* Summer School dates: July 23 - August 3, 2007

Authors of accepted papers must register for the EUROLAN Summer School
and present their work at the ASOS workshop.  No supplementary fee
will be required above the EUROLAN fee. All accepted authors will
benefit from the early registration fee regardless of the date they
register.  Participation in the ASOS workshop is open to all
EUROLAN-2007 attendants.

Program Committee:

- Antonio Branco, University of Lisbon
- Dan Cristea, Al.I. Cuza University of Iasi
- Diane Evans, Open University
- Corina Forascu, Al.I. Cuza University of Iasi
- Erhard Hinrichs, Tübingen University
- Susanne  J.  Jekat,   Zürich  University  of  Applied  Sciences
- Walter v. Hahn, University of Hamburg
- Dirk Heylen, University of Twente
- Alex Killing, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich
- Steven Krauwer, Utrecht University
- Vladislav Kubon, Charles University - Prague
- Lothar Lemnitzer, Tübingen University
- Rada Mihalcea, University of Texas
- Paola Monachesi, Utrecht University
- Petya Osenova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
- Adam  Przepiórkowski,  Institute  of  Computer  Science, Polish
  Academy of Science
- Anne DeRoeck, Open University
- Mike Rosner, University of Malta
- Kiril Simov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
- Carlo Strapparava, IRST-ITC Trento
- Horia-Nicolai Teodorescu, Romanian Academy
- Dan Tufis, Romanian Academy
- Cristina Vertan, University of Hamburg
- Michael Zock, University of Marseille

Organizing Committee:

- Paola Monachesi, Utrecht University
- Steven Krauwer, Utrecht University

To contact the organizers, please use the following address:
  Paola.Monachesi at

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