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Dear colleagues,


The Institute of Translation & Interpreting, Great Britain, welcomes
you to a unique, free to use, International Calendar of Events for the
language industry. ICE is available in French, German, Spanish and


If you are involved in the language industry as a practitioner,
academic, technology provider, training provider, publisher, event
organiser, professional association or university, ICE is for you.


What is ICE?

The International Calendar of Events is a free and easily accessible
resource for the language industry.


Why should I use ICE?

Interested in attending an event? make ICE your first port of call,
search by numerous criteria including country, organiser name, type of
event etc. ICE publishes details of events up to 2013. Plan your
calendar by using ICE as a key resource, keep informed of new events
by signing up to the RSS <> feed.
Never again miss that important event.


Organising an event? ICE is a free of charge key resource to ensure
that details of your event are circulated quickly to a wide, industry
specific global audience. Use ICE to help you avoid conflicts with
similar events being held either locally or internationally. You can
view planned events by type and make decisions as to the style and
theme of your future event. Make your event a success, attract a wider
audience, increase exposure, advertise on ICE.


Who uses ICE?

Since ICE was launched in January 2007 over 550 international events
have been advertised to more than 35,000 visitors. At any one time
there are around 100 events advertised. ICE includes an RSS
<> feed to transmit details to
readers within a few minutes of an event being added.


Can our website link to ICE as a service to our clients, students and

Yes, this is not a problem, you can link to ICE through a url or make
use of the ICE logo at the top of this page, it is a hyperlink. If you
do link to ICE please let us know, gensec at


How do I use ICE?

ICE is very easy to use. To add a new event simply select the 'add'
option from the ICE homepage, enter your event details and most
important, enter an email address and a useful password; you will need
these if you want to edit your event in the future. You retain
complete control of your own event, changing the content as and when
you need to.  Your event will be removed automatically the day after
it takes place.


If you are interested in attending an event use the 'Quick Search'
option which will list all events in a chosen period. You can also use
the advanced search tool to query by location, date, event type and


Is there a fee for using ICE?

No, the Institute of Translation & Interpreting provides ICE free of


ICE is free - visit now -

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