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 *Call for paper*
NOOJ'09 : Conférence & Workshop
08-10 June 2009, Tozeur, Tunisia* *
*Important Dates*

·         Abstract submission: Mars 15, 2009

·          Notification of Acceptance : May 04, 2009

·          Conference : 08-10 June, 2009

NOOJ 2009 will be organized by the research laboratory MIR at CL
(Multimedia InfoRmation & Advanced Computing Laboratory), Sfax
University in collaboration with the "Semio-linguistic, the Didactic
and computer science Laboratory", Franche-Comté University and the
"Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Claude Ledoux".

 NOOJ 2009 will be held at Tozeur city-Tunisia, 450 Km south-west of Tunis.

The conference intends to

   - give NooJ users and researchers in Linguistics and in
   Computational Linguistics the opportunity to meet and share their
   experience as developers, researchers and teachers;

   - present to NooJ users the latest linguistic resources and NLP
   applications developed for/with NooJ, its latest functionalities,
   as well as its future developments;

   - offer researchers and graduate students two tutorials (one basic
   and one advanced) to help them parse corpora and build NLP
   applications using NooJ.

   - Present NooJ's Arabic resources to all researchers in Arabic
   studies : linguists, computational linguists as well as all
   researchers who work with/on Arabic corpora.

NooJ is a freeware, linguistic engineering development environment
used to formalize various types of textual phenomena (orthography,
lexical and productive morphology, local, structural and
transformational syntax) using a large gamut of computational devices
(from Finite-State Automata to Augmented Recursive Transition
Networks). NooJ includes tools to construct, test, debug, maintain and
accumulate large sets linguistic resources, and can apply them to
large texts.

Modules for a dozen languages are already available for free download:
Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, English, French,
Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. A dozen
other modules are under construction.

 *Topics of Interest*

Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

·         Syntactic analysis

·         Lexical analysis

·         Linguistic resources
·         Dictionary


We invite the submission of papers until the March 15, 2009 either in
English or in French. The abstract should contain the title of the
article, the name, the institution, the surface mail and the
electronic address of each co-author. The abstracts should not exceed
one page, and should be submitted from the workshop web site:

All proposals will be reviewed by the scientific committee. You will
be given notice about the acceptance of the proposals no later than
May 04, 2009.

For more information, please contact:
abdelmajid.benhamadou at


*Program Committee***

* *Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou* (MIRACL, ISIM-Sfax, Tunisia)

* *Max Silberztein* (University of Franche-Comté, France)

* Anaid Donabedian (INALCO, Paris)

* Belinda Maia (University of Porto, Portugal)

* Bilel Gargouri (MIRACL, FSEG-Sfax, Tunisia)

* Denis Le Pesant (University Paris 10)

* Dusko Vitas (University of Belgrade, Serbia)

* Gisele Chevalier (University of Moncton, Canada)

* Kais Haddar (MIRACL, FSS-Sfax, Tunisia)

* Kimmo Koskenniemi (University of Helsinki, Finland)

* Krzysztof Bogacki (University of Warshaw, Poland)

* Mireille Piot (University Stendhal 3, Grenoble)

* Odile Piton (University Paris 1, France)

* Peter Machonis (Intnl University of Florida, USA)

* Philippe Schepens (University of Franche-Comté, France)

* Simona Vietri (University Salerne, Italy)

* Xavier Blanco (University Autonomous Barcelona, Spain)

*Organization Committee*

* Bilel GARGOURI, FSEG Sfax, Tunisia

* Héla FEHRI, FS Sfax, Tunisia

* Inès ZALILA, FS Sfax, Tunisia

* Kais HADDAR, FS Sfax, Tunisia

* Slim MESFAR,  ,Tunisia

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