Appel: COLING workshop, Speech Translation for Medical and Other Safety-Critical Applications

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Speech Translation for Medical and Other Safety-Critical Applications

COLING conference workshop

Manchester, England
Saturday, August 23, 2008

*** Deadline: 5 May ***


Medical applications have emerged as one of the most popular domains
for speech translation. At the first workshop on medical speech
translation, held at HLT 2006, several advanced prototype systems were
demonstrated, and a measure of consensus emerged on at least some

* The key issue that differentiates the medical domain from most other
  application areas for speech translation is its safety-critical
  nature.  For this reason, we are broadening the scope of the second
  workshop to include other safety-critical tasks, such as emergency

* The technology is mature enough that useful systems can
  realistically be field-deployed now or in the very near future.

* Systems targeted on these kinds of applications are often more
  useful if they can be made available on mobile or wearable hardware

* The basic communication model should be collaborative, and allow the
  client users (patients in the case of medical applications) to play
  an active role.

Despite this, there is so far little agreement on many central
questions, including choices of architectures, component technologies,
and evaluation methodologies. In this second workshop, we would again
like to create a forum where people interested in these types of
systems can meet, exchange ideas and demo live systems. We hope that
the concrete result of the meeting will be the definition of at least
one shared task for the emerging medical/safety-critical speech
translation community, which will include shared data sets and an
agreed-on evaluation methodology appropriate to the special
characteristics of the domain.


Submissions may be of the following kinds:

* Long papers (up to 8 pages) describing substantial work on speech
  translation for medical and other safety-critical applications. We
  particularly encourage papers describing user-centered system

* System demonstrations, accompanied by short papers (up to 4 pages).
  Submission of a long paper does NOT preclude submission of an
  accompanying demo paper.

* Short papers (up to 4 pages) describing component systems, including
  ASR, MT and TTS, which are particularly relevant to medical and
  safety critical speech translation.

* Position statements (up to 4 pages) suggesting definitions of a
  shared task.

All submissions should use the style files available on the main
COLING conference web site. Author information should be included in
the papers, since reviewing will NOT be blind. The main workshop page
will soon include a link for submissions.


Workshop paper submission deadline		5 May
Notification of acceptance of workshop papers	6 June
Camera-ready copy of papers due			1 July


Laurent Besacier		U Grenoble, France
Pierrette Bouillon (co-chair)	U Geneva, Switzerland
Mike Dillinger			SpokenTranslation, US
Farzad Ehsani (co-chair)	Fluential, US
Glenn Flores			U Texas, US
Robert Frederking (co-chair)	CMU, US
Hitoshi Isahara			NICT, Japan
Shri Narayanan			USC, US
Aarne Ranta			U Gothenburg, Sweden
Manny Rayner (co-chair)		U Geneva, Switzerland
Tanja Schultz			U Karlsruhe, Germany
Harold Somers			U Manchester, UK
Bowen Zhou			IBM, US


Please address queries to Manny Rayner (Emmanuel.Rayner at
or Pierrette Bouillon (Pierrette.Bouillon at

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