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The Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of
Sciences (HAS), LAboratoire de SEmioLinguistique, Didactique et
Informatique (LASELDI, Univ. de Franche-Comté) and Maison des Sciences
de l'Homme Claude Ledoux, France, are pleased to inform you of the
upcoming 2008 NooJ Conference to be held in Budapest, Hungary, 8-10
June, 2008.

NooJ is a freeware, linguistic engineering development environment
used to formalize various types of textual phenomena (orthography,
lexical and productive morphology, local, structural and
transformational syntax) using a large gamut of computational devices
(from Finite-State Automata to Augmented Recursive Transition
Networks). NooJ includes tools to construct, test, debug, maintain and
accumulate large sets linguistic resources, and can apply them to
large texts. NooJ is used as a linguistic engineering development
platform, a corpus processor, an information extraction system, a
terminological extractor, a Machine Translation development tool as
well as to teach linguistics and computational linguistics.

To learn more about NooJ, download the software, linguistic resources,
manual, tutorials and reference papers:

This conference will hopefully provide an opportunity for NooJ users,
as well as other researchers interested in corpus linguistics, to meet
and to exchange their experience of development, research or
teaching. It will also be the occasion to present and discover the
recent developments of NooJ (v2.0).

The preliminary programme of the conference is downloadable from:

Registration for the conference is online (please, register until May
30, if you are a listener) - either via or directly at:

For any further information, please, also consult the website or turn
to nooj08 [at] nytud [dot] hu !

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