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Open position at XRCE for a Ph.D. student in Statistical Machine

The Cross-Language Technologies (CLT) group of the Xerox Research
Centre Europe researches and develops effective methods for crossing
language barriers. Targeted applications include Statistical Machine
Translation; Multilingual Terminology Extraction; Cross-Language
Information Retrieval, Categorization and Clustering. The team is part
of the PASCAL 2 European Network of Excellence, ensuring a strong
network of academic collaboration. XRCE is a highly innovative place
and we strongly encourage publication and interaction with the
scientific community.

We are opening a position for a Ph.D. student in the field of
Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). 

In the context of the SMT system and tools developed by the team, and
under the supervision of senior researchers, the student will propose
and implement innovative solutions for improving the current state of
the art in SMT research. The focus of the thesis will be one of the
following themes: improved word-alignment and bi-phrase construction;
advanced decoding beyond beam-search; learning efficiently from human
annotations. More details will be provided upon enquiry and the
precise subject will be determined in interaction with the retained


  Masters degree in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics,
  Statistics or related domains.

  Scientific creativity.

  Good programming skills in C, C++, and/or Python or Perl.

  Good command of English. 

  Some previous experience in statistical machine translation and/or
  machine learning would be a plus.

To apply: Please email your CV and covering letter, with message
subject "SMT PhD" to xrce-candidates as well as to Nicola.Cancedda at and to Marc.Dymetman at .

Inquiries should be sent to Nicola.Cancedda at and to
Marc.Dymetman at .

Duration: 3 years.

Application deadline: September 15th, 2009

Starting date: November, 2009

The Xerox Research Centre Europe ( is a
young, dynamic research organization, which aims at creating
innovative document technologies to support growth in Xerox content
and document management services. XRCE is part of the Xerox Innovation
group made up of 800 researchers and engineers in four world-renowned
research and technology centres. Our domains of research stretch from
the social sciences to computing. Our expertise lies in natural
language processing, data mining, pattern analysis, xml, work practice
and knowledge management agents. The variety of both cultures and
disciplines at XRCE makes it both an exciting and stimulating
environment to work in.

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