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We are pleased to announce a workshop on language acquisition intitled


26-28 November 2009, RCEAL (, Cambridge UK
Attendance is FREE.

Please circulate the information.


The study of language acquisition is of paramount importance for
linguistics, psychology, cognitive science, communication, etc.
Children produce forms that look or sound like sketches of adult
forms. Those productions cannot be analyzed without special attention
to gestures, gaze, mimics as well as the context, the positioning of
interlocutors in space, and the specificity of discourse objects. The
child language community shares tools and data through the Internet
(especially, the childes database) that can be used as a basis for
multimodal, multilingual and inter- disciplinary research.


The workshop will be organized over four half days, focusing on
different aspects of language acquisition.

        Thursday 26 November (afternoon, room GR06/07) - Corpus,
coding and multimodality

        - 2-3pm: Corpus, coding and metadata (Christophe Parisse,
Modyco- Inserm, CNRS-U. Paris Ouest Nanterre)

        - 3-4pm: Pointing gesture and multimodality (Emmanuelle
Mathiot, STL, UMR-CNRS 8163 and Univ. Lille 3; Aliyah Morgenstern,
Univ.  Sorbonne Nouvelle; Marie Leroy, CNRS-MoDyCo and Univ. Paris-

        - 4-4:30pm: Coffee break

        - 4:30-5:30pm: Discussion

        Friday 27 November (morning, room GR05) - Child Language

        - 9:30-10:30am: Argumentation as a motive for syntax
development: a case study of the development of "parce que" in child
language (Martine Sekali, Univ. Paris Ouest Nanterre)

        - 10:30-11am: Coffee break

        - 11:00-12:00am: From repairs to self-repairs in adult-child
interactions (Marie Leroy, Univ. Paris Descartes; Stéphanie Caet,
Univ.  Sorbonne Nouvelle; Aliyah Morgenstern, Univ. Sorbonne Nouvelle)

        - 12-12:30am: Discussion

        Friday 27 November (afternoon, room GR05) - Contrastive studies

        - 2-3pm: Over-informative children: Production/comprehension
asymmetry, or tolerance to pragmatic violations- (Cat Davies, Univ.
of Cambridge)

        - 3:4pm: Acquiring tense and aspect in Tamil (Dr. Lavanya
Sankaran, Univ. of London, Queen Mary)

        - 4-4:30pm: Coffee break

        - 4:30-5:30pm: Comparing processes in child L1 and child and
adult L2 acquisition (Henriette Hendriks and Helen Engemann, Univ. of

        Saturday 28 November (morning, room GR06/07) - Reformulations

        - 10:11am: The acquisition and development of argumentative
skills in children from 4-18: mechanisms underlying deductive and
probabilistic reasoning (Jodi Tommerdahl, University of Birmingham)

        - 11:12am: General discussion
Large periods aof time will be devoted to discussion, with panelists
introducing comments after paper presentation.

Workshop Chairs

        - Henriette Hendriks
        (RCEAL, University of Cambridge, UK)
        - Aliyah Morgenstern
        (Univ. Sorbonne Nouvelle, France)
        - Thierry Poibeau
        (CNRS and Université Paris 13, France)

The workshop will be held on the ground floor (rooms GR05, GR06 and
GR07) of the Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics 9
West Road, Cambridge, UK (Faculty of English).

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