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This is the Final Call for Papers of the Computational Linguistics -
Applications (CLA'10) Workshop. The deadline is at 31.05.2010 (May 31,
2010). Full paper submission is expected there is not preliminary
short version proposal. It makes two weeks from now. The Workshop
itself will be held in Wisla, Poland October 18-20, 2010.

The CLA is located within the framework of the IMCSIT conference to
create a dialog between researchers and practitioners involved in
Computational Linguistics and related areas of Information Technology.

CLA'10 Workshop is a place where the parties meet to exchange views
and ideas with a benefit to all involved. The Workshop will focus on
practical outcome of modeling human language use and the applications
needed to improve human-machine interaction.  Paper Topics

This call is for papers that present research and developments on all
aspects of Natural Language Processing used in real-life applications,
such as (this list is not exhaustive):

ambiguity resolution * anaphora resolution * applied CL software and
systems * computational morphology * computational phonology * corpus
annotation * corpus-based language modeling * creation of lexical
resources * dialogue systems * emotions and personality modeling *
entity recognition * extraction of linguistic knowledge from text
corpora * information retrieval and information extraction * lexical
resources * machine learning methods applied to language processing *
machine translation and translation aids * multi-lingual dialogue
systems * ontology and taxonomy evaluation * opinion mining and
sentiment classification * paraphrasing and entailment * parsing
issues * parts-of-speech tagging * proofing tools * prosody in
dialogues * question answering * semantic networks and ontologies *
semantic role labeling * semantic web * speech recognition and
generation * summarization * text classification * text summarization
* word sense disambiguation

Paper Presentation

The presentation of the paper has to include a demonstration of an
existing tool. The papers should include a section describing the tool
(or a prototype), which demonstrates the theory discussed in the


Several good reasons to be there, in the order of their importance.

0) Why not?

1) CLA is organized for the third time in the scope of IMCSIT which is
   a multiconference gathering people from different fields of the
   IT&Computer Science. Paying for one you can attend a dozen of
   different seminars and workshops, including some of the fields
   close to the computational linguistics, like AIAA which is about
   the advances in AI. List of all events can be found at:

2) Apart from the scientists from all around the world you will also
   meet two hundredth or so Polish IT professionals. The annual
   gathering of PIPS (the society organizing both events) is taking
   place in parallel to IMCSIT under the same roof; social events are
   common for both. You can meet people who are kind of opinion
   leaders think-tank for Polish IT. It is always good to extend your

3) CLA is young yet growing fast. We have applied an inclusive model
   of building the Programme Committee, by inviting authors of the
   best papers to the PC of next year. If you'll be ranked above 4,4/5
   we will be honored to have you in CLA '11 PC. Since the workshop is
   growing it may be useful for your academic career to deliver a
   really good paper.

4) Your paper will be reviewed by four reviewers; two from the
   academia and two from the industry. You will have to convince
   practitioners about the practical usefulness of your solution at
   the same time keeping proper level of the scientific part of
   it. Quite a challenge, but worth to be taken, we believe.

5) Poland seems to be interesting place nowadays as the only European
   country with the positive economy growth over last year, come and
   learn why. The area where a conference takes place belongs to the
   most picturesque parts of Polish mountains. The only thing we can
   not promise is the weather. At that period of the year it happens
   to be nice and in that case place looks really great, but sometimes
   it is awful. So trace the weather report on the conference page
   before you go.

6) If it will go wrong with the weather you do not have to go outside
   the venue at all. It is a huge hotel with SPA, swimming pools,
   saunas, salt baths a.s.o. There are also bars, restaurants, disco,
   bowling, gym, snooker. You name it. The long-lasting tradition of
   the conference is its great social spirit. If you are kind of shy,
   there will be a lot of occasions to socialize. If you do not need
   it, hotel is big enough to hide.

7) Price is moderate as for the scope of the event and the standard of
   the venue. We will publish price-list late July but it will
   definitely not exceed euro 700 for all. All means attendance, paper
   publication, breaks, gala diner, swimming pool access, three nights
   in the single room, three meals per day and social events. If you
   wish to make a trip we will assist you in arranging it. Krakow
   (Cracow, former Polish capital, the most "Italian" Polish city) and
   Oswiecim (where Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz was located) are
   in two hours drive distance from Wis?a.

8) Reaching Poland is easy. There are a lot of flights many of them
   operated by the budget lines. You should fly Katowice (KTW) but
   Krakow (KRK) will do as well. We will provide participants with
   transportation from Bielsko-Biala railway station (you can get
   there from Warsaw - WAW, by train).

Well, eight reasons is a round number as for the IT/CS person, so if
you are convinced please first look at the important dates:

next check the papers from the previous years:

learn about the papers' format:

and deliver on time at:

CLA - where science meets reality!

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