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1rt Workshop on Natural Language Processing for HealthCare

Healthcare includes all types of services offered by medical staff and
allied health professions such as social security, insurance
companies, in order to insure "the prevention, treatment, and
management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical
well-being" of persons.

Recently, fast growth of digital material has also impacted the
medical world. This can be exemplified in many aspects of medical life
from the development of Electronic Medical Records and Google Health
to the development of mobile technologies that enable medical staff to
have access to any specialized knowledge base, to exchange with their
peers or to monitor patients wherever they are and whenever they need.

Medicine is an empirical science that is full of exceptions and
idiosyncrasies. Every patient is unique and medicine should be able to
cure each of them.  The intrinsic unpredictable character of medicine
makes it very difficult to be captured in a structured manner so that
computers can easily search, retrieve, analyze or reason on medical
matters. The raise of digital content in the medical domain coupled
with the unpredictability of medicine represents interesting research
challenges in many IT discipline including natural language
technologies and knowledge representation.

Therefore, it is time to bring together recent research results and to
give both researchers and practitioners a comprehensive view on this
evolving area. We are interested in highlighting the role of Language
Technologies and knowledge representation in representing, storing,
accessing, searching and reasoning on medical digital content

The First Workshop on Natural Language Processing for HealthCare
(NLP4HC) workshop, organized under the auspices of the ALADIN project
(Tecsan program of the French Agence Nationale pour la Recherche
ALADIN-DTH, ANR-08-TECS-001-0), aims to collect all fundamental and
innovative research which is done in connection with Natural Language
and knowledge representation Technologies applied to the healthcare
universe. The workshop will host invited speakers together with
talks/papers concerning:

· Information retrieval in healthcare
· Textual information extraction for healthcare
· Textual analysis of medical document
· Representation of medical documents
· Metadata
· ontologies
· Terminologies
· Standards
· Parsing of medical documents
· Reasoners on medical documents
· Speech to text in the medical domain
· NLP techniques used for dealing with patient's privacy
· Temporal knowledge processing in medical data Practical Information

The conference will be held in Grenoble, France, on October, 18,
2011. More details will be available soon at the conference website at

Important Dates

Deadline for submission
(Abstract, maximum five pages)
June, 20, 2011
to be sent as a PDF file to

Notification of acceptance
August, 22, 2011

Conference date
October, 18, 2011

Press version of the paper due
TBA (a publication at Springer in under negociation)

Local Organizers
· Denys Proux
· Caroline Hagège
· Frédérique Segond

Program committee:
· Sofia Ananiadou (Manchester university et Nactem, UK)
· Galia Angelova  (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria)
· Regis Beuscart (Université Lille2, France)
· Dominique Blum (PMSI, France)
· Stefan Darmoni (CISMEF, France)
· Robert Gaizauskas (Sheffield University, UK)
· Natalia Grabar (Université Lille3, France)
· Jean-Christophe Fournet (Hopital Necker, France)
· Marie Helene Metzger (UCBL , France)
· Suzanne Peirera (Vidal, France)
· Bruno Pouliquen (WIPO, Switzerland)
· Denys Proux (Xerox, France)
· Shourya Roy (Xerox,  India)
· Pierre Zweigenbaum  (LIMSI, CNRS, France)

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