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Thierry Hamon thierry.hamon at UNIV-PARIS13.FR
Sun Mar 13 11:17:48 UTC 2011

Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 12:17:15 +0100
From: Bruno Guillaume <Bruno.Guillaume at>
Message-Id: <B3D9B0AD-943C-42F9-B260-E8B66A1A6E33 at>

Dear colleagues, it's a pleasure for us to announce the release of
Leopar 1.0.0 at:

LEOPAR is an Open Source natural language parser. It is based on
Interaction Grammars (
and produces deep syntactic structures for grammatical sentences.

 - An online demo (with resources for the French language) can be
   found here:
 - It can produce both dependency structures and phrase structures;
 - A set of French linguistic resources (grammar and lexicon) is
   available for LEOPAR;
 - It can be installed on Linux and MacOS.

Best regards,
Bruno Guillaume and the Leopar developer's team

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