Appel: Campaign TRAD 2012, A machine translation evaluation campaign on Arabic-French language pair

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Campaign TRAD 2012: A machine translation evaluation campaign on
Arabic-French language pair

Machine translation (MT) enjoys a new boom driven by the
applications. The goal is to translate sentences in a source language
into a target language without human intervention. This difficult task
needs to be regularly assessed to establish the scientific and technical

Funded by the French defense procurement agency (DGA), the Laboratoire
national de métrologie et d'essais (LNE) and CASSIDIAN conducts the TRAD
2012-campaign in order to support MT research and help advance the state
of art in MT technologies for the Arabic-French language pair.

To meet this objective, the LNE provides the following to the

* Data for the training sets, the development and the test sets
  (developed by ELDA). The databases contain newspapers articles or
  broadcast news transcriptions.
* An evaluation by automatic metrics.
* An evaluation by human judgment for the 4 best systems depending on
  the results obtained with the automatic metrics.

The LNE organizes a workshop at the end of the campaign to present the
results and compare the approaches of the various participants.


The language pair in TRAD 2012 is Arabic to French. Two tasks are
offered because of the sources of the elements to be translated.

* Text Task: Translation of newspapers articles that come from various
* Speech Task: Translation of broadcast news transcriptions that come
  from various radio and television programs.

How to participate?

Participation in the evaluation is invited for all researchers who want
assess their system for the Arabic-French language pair..

The only requirement is the participation in the follow-up workshop. All
the participants are invited to present their system(s) and their
results in detail during this workshop.

To participate, simply fill out the registration form available at The participants can sign up for both tasks or
for only one of two.

Important dates

Evaluation test data available


Deadline for submitting the results


Deadline for submitting system descriptions to the LNE


Beginning of the adjudication


End of the adjudication




Juliette KAHN
Ingénieur en évaluation des système de traitement de l'information multimedia
Direction des Essais
Tél. : 01 30 69 13 62 

Laboratoire national de métrologie et d'essais
29, avenue Roger Hennequin - 78197 Trappes cedex
Tél. : 01 30 69 10 00 - Fax : 01 30 69 12 34
Site internet : <> 

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