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Second Call for Papers -- CIAA 2012 

17th International Conference on Implementation and Application of

Porto, Portugal 

July 17-20, 2012 


Submission Deadline: March 11, 2012 
Notification: April 20, 2012 
Final Version: May 7, 2012 
Deadline for system demos: May 31, 2012 
Conference Dates: July 17-20, 2012 


CIAA is the premier annual conference for researchers, application
developers and users of automata-based systems.  The applications of the
theory of automata, a foundational area of computer science, have spread
to almost all areas of computer science and many other disciplines.

The CIAA series has published significant papers describing the
applications of finite automata in parsing and compilers, logic, natural
language processing, pattern matching, database management,   and
bioinformatics. The conference also accepts papers that advance the
state of the art in the theoretical study of finite automata, regular
expressions, grammars and related formal models.

Another goal of the conference is to provide additions and enhancements
to existing software systems that manipulate automata, regular
expressions, grammars, and related structures; examples of such systems
include AGL, AMoRE, ASTL, Automate, FADELA, FAdo, FinITE, FIRE Station,
FSM, Grail+, INR, Intex, JFLAP, MERLin, MONA, TESTAS, Turing's World,
Vaucanson, WFSC and Whale Calf.


CIAA invites papers on all aspects of implementation, application, and
theory of automata and related structures, including but not limited to:

    Algorithms on automata   
    Automata and logic   
    Complexity of automata operations 
    Computer-aided verification 
    Data structure design for automata 
    Data and image compression 
    Design and architecture of automata software 
    Digital libraries 
    DNA/molecular/membrane computing 
    Document engineering 
    Editors, environments 
    Experimental studies and practical experience 
    Implementation of verification methods and model checking 
    Industrial applications 
    Natural language and speech processing 
    New algorithms for manipulating automata 
    Object-oriented modeling 
    Pushdown automata and context-free grammars 
    Quantum computing 
    Structured and semi-structured documents 
    Symbolic manipulation environments for automata 
    Transducers and multi-tape automata           
    Techniques for graphical display of automata 
    Viruses, related phenomena 
    World-wide web 


Sixteen previous CIAA conferences took place in: Blois (2011), Winnipeg
(2010), Sydney (2009), San Francisco (2008), Prague (2007), Taipei
(2006), Nice (2005), Kingston (2004), Santa Barbara (2003), Tours
(2002), Pretoria (2001), London Ontario (2000), Potsdam (WIA'99), Rouen
(WIA'98), London Ontario (WIA'97), London Ontario (WIA'96). See the
conference site ( ) for archives on
these previous editions.


Research papers are sought on all aspects of implementation,
application, and theory of automata and related structures. Researchers
are invited to submit unpublished original research. Simultaneous
submissions to other venues is not allowed.

Submitted papers must use the LNCS-style LaTeX2e (available at . 

Papers must be in English, should not exceed 10 pages and provide
sufficient details to allow the program committee to assess their
merits. If the authors believe that more details are necessary to
substantiate the claims of the paper, they may include a clearly marked
appendix to be read at the discretion of the committee.

Papers will be submitted electronically in PDF, using the EasyChair
system. Use the following link for submission: 

Proceedings will be published by Springer in Lecture Notes of Computer
Science (LNCS) and will be available at the conference. Extended
versions of selected proceedings papers will appear in a special issue
of International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science (IJFCS).


We encourage the submission of software demos. Developers wishing to
demonstrate their software should submit a two-page description to the
outlining the design of their system and its application area(s). The
descriptions of accepted demos will appear in a booklet available at the
conference. Deadline for submitions is May 31.


CIAA 2012 will take place in Porto, the second largest city in Portugal,
located by the Douro river and the Atlantic Ocean. Porto dates back to
the IV century and the city center is classified as world heritage
patrimony by UNESCO. The city is also known worldwide for the renowned
Port Wine.

The venue will be the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto
located in Campo Alegre area and very close to the conference hotels.


CIAA 2012 will be held just before DCFS 2012 which will take place in
Braga, also in Portugal and less then 50 km from Porto, on July
23--25. More information about this workshop can be found at the web


Janusz Brzozowski, (U. of Waterloo, Canada) 
Paul Gastin (ENS de Cachan, Fance) 
José Nuno Oliveira (U. do Minho, Portugal) 
Grzegorz Rozenberg (Leiden, The Netherlands) 


Marie-Pierre Beal - France 
Béatrice Bouchou-Markhoff - France 
Patricia Bouyer - France 
Cezar Campeanu - Canada 
Pascal Caron - France 
Jean-Marc Champarnaud - France 
Jan Daciuk - Poland 
Michael Domaratzki - Canada 
Yo-Sub Han - South Korea 
Tero Harju - Finland 
Markus Holzer - Germany 
Oscar Ibarra - USA 
Masami Ito - Japan 
Joost-Pieter Katoen - Germany 
Stavros Konstantinidis - Canada 
Andreas Maletti - Germany 
Sebastian Maneth - Australia 
Denis Maurel - France 
Ian McQuillan - Canada 
Mehryar Mohri - USA 
Nelma Moreira - Portugal (co-chair) 
Alexander Okhotin - Finland 
Giovanni Pighizzini - Italy 
Bala Ravikumar - USA 
Rogério Reis - Portugal (co-chair) 
Kai Salomaa - Canada 
Colin Stirling - United Kingdom 
Mikhail Volkov - Russian Federation 
Bruce Watson - South Africa 
Hsu-Chun Yen - Taiwan 
Sheng Yu - Canada 


Jean-Marc Champarnaud - France 
Oscar Ibarra - USA 
Denis Maurel - France 
Kai T. Salomaa - Canada 
Sheng Yu - Canada (Chair) 


Sabine Broda (U. Porto) 
António Machiavelo (U. Porto) 
Nelma Moreira (U. Porto) 
Rogério Reis (U. Porto) 
Simão Sousa (U. Beira Interior) 

The conference is sponsored by the University of Porto, University of
Beira Interior, CMUP, FCT, and EATCS.

For a small poster to download and display: 


Postal address: 

CIAA 2012 
Rua do Campo Alegre, 1021-1055 
4169-007 Porto, 

Email: ciaa12 at 

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