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*International Colloquium for students Researchers in Natural Language
Processing and its Applications*

*September 5-6, 2013, Montréal, Canada*

*Call for papers*

The first Colloquium for Students Researchers in Natural Language
Processing and its Applications (CEC-TAL'13).

The first colloquium for Students Researchers in Natural Language
Processing and its Applications (CEC-TAL'13) will be held in Montreal
from September 5th to September 6th 2013.

The goal of this colloquium is to bring together researchers from
related disciplines (language resources development, analysis and
generation, natural language processing and NLP application) and experts
from industry and companies that deploy extraction methods and knowledge
management to provide quality work and to exchange and fertilize new

*Types of communication*

Authors are invited to submit two types of communications:

1) Articles presenting original research.

2) Articles presenting a point of view on the state of research in NLP,
   based on a solid experience in the field.

3) Articles presenting a dissertation ongoing work.

Accepted papers will be presented as an oral communication.

Communication (in English or French) will be for 20 minutes, followed by
10 minute for questions.

*Terms of submission*

Articles should be submitted in pdf format only without a mention of the
author (s) or its affiliate and will absolutely use the format available

Submissions that do not exceed 4 pages will be considered as short
Submissions between 4 and 8 pages will be considered as long papers.

Articles must be submitted by EasyChair :* ** *
*Selection criteria*

Authors must be PhD student(s), Master student(s) or young doctor(s) who
defended their thesis within the last three years.

Authors are invited to submit original research that has not been
published previously. Submissions will be reviewed by at least two
experts in the field. We considered in particular:

   - The importance and originality of the contribution.
   - Correcting the scientific and technical content.
   - Critical discussion of the results, particularly in relation to
     other work in the field.
   - The status of work in the context of international research.
   - The organization and clarity of presentation.
   - The adequacy of the conference themes.

Selected papers will be published in the conference
proceedings. Following the opinion of the program, presentations will be
made only in oral form.

*Terms of publication*

Authors of accepted papers will subsequently be invited to submit their
articles for publication in the Proceedings of CEC-TAL'13.

Authors can write their articles in both official languages of Canada
(English or French).

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