Conf: ACL Workshop DiscoMT, August 9, 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria

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ACL 2013 Workshop on Discourse in Machine Translation (DiscoMT)
Friday, August 9, 2013 - Sofia, Bulgaria

Workshop Program

  9:00 Introduction by the organizers

  9:10 Meaning Unit Segmentation in English and Chinese: a New Approach
       to Discourse Phenomena 
       Jennifer Williams, Rafael Banchs and Haizhou Li

  9:30 Analysing Lexical Consistency in Translation
       Liane Guillou

  9:50 Implicitation of Discourse Connectives in (Machine) Translation
       Thomas Meyer and Bonnie Webber

10:10  Associative Texture Is Lost In Translation
       Beata Beigman Klebanov and Michael Flor

10:30  Coffee break

11:00  Poster session, jointly with WMT

       In addition to posters from the speakers, posters will also be
       presented for the following papers:

       Detecting Narrativity to Improve English to French Translation of
       Simple Past Verbs
       Thomas Meyer, Cristina Grisot and Andrei Popescu-Belis

       Machine Translation with Many Manually Labeled Discourse
       Thomas Meyer and Lucie Poláková

12:30  Lunch break

14:00  Translation of "It" in a Deep Syntax Framework
       Michal Novak, Anna Nedoluzhko and Zdenek Zabokrtsky

14:20  Feature Weight Optimization for Discourse-Level SMT
       Sara Stymne, Christian Hardmeier, Jörg Tiedemann and Joakim Nivre

14:40  Closing discussion

15:30  Coffee break, end of the workshop

Organizing Committee

Bonnie Webber (University of Edinburgh), chair
Ondrej Bojar (Charles University, Prague)
Chris Callison-Burch (Johns Hopkins University)
Marcello Federico (FBK-IRST, Trento)
Pierre Isabelle (NCRC Canada)
Katja Markert (University of Leeds), co-chair
Andrei Popescu-Belis (Idiap Research Institute), co-chair
Jörg Tiedemann (University of Uppsala), co-chair

Programme Committee

Trevor Cohn (University of Sheffield)
George Foster (NCRC Canada)
Dan Gildea (University of Rochester)
Liane Guillou (University of Edinburgh)
Christian Hardmeier (University of Uppsala)
Hitoshi Isahara (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Philipp Koehn (University of Edinburgh)
Thomas Meyer (Idiap Research Institute)
Hwee Tou Ng (National University of Singapore)
Michal Novak (Charles University Prague)
Maja Popovic (DFKI)
Jean Senellart (Systran)
Lucia Specia (University of Sheffield)
Sara Stymne (University of Uppsala)
Gregor Thurmair (Linguatec GmbH)
Sandrine Zufferey (Utrecht University)
Min Zhang (A-STAR Singapore)

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