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3 PhD Positions in Speech Processing at LIG/Grenoble (France)

The Study Group for Machine Translation and Automated Processing of
Languages and Speech (GETALP) of LIG (Laboratory of Informatics of
Grenoble) offers 3 PhD Positions in Speech Processing. We are looking
for outstanding young research scientists to join the group on several
projects involving speech processing.

Opened Positions

1.  PhD / Automatic speech recognition and machine assisted speech
    annotation for African Languages

You will work in the context of the ALFFA project which is really
interdisciplinary since it not only gathers technology experts (LIG,
LIA, VOXYGEN) but also includes fieldwork linguists/phoneticians
(DDL). The PhD will focus on analysing the capabilities of existing
automatic speech processing systems to investigate phonetic
characteristics of languages or annotate speech (especially on mobile
devices: tablets, glasses, etc) to provide an innovative digital
assistant to the fieldwork linguist.

Start : Fall 2014

Duration : 36 months

Particular aspect : co-supervision with DDL lab in Lyon

Contact : Laurent.Besacier at & Francois.Pellegrino at

Project Web Site :

Team/Lab Web Sites :

2.  PhD / Speech interaction for socio-affective ubiquitous agents and
    robots in ambient assisted living environments

You will work on a research and development project (CASSIE) involving
academic and industrial stakeholders of spoken dialog, assistive
technologies, affectives sciences and social robotics. The PhD objective
is to design a spoken dialogue system that will interact with a user in
her/his home through an ubiquitous (physical and/or virtual) and
personalized agent. This dialogue system will be corpus based, with
iterative machine learning approach hydride with boostrap expert
knowledge (observed from “intelligent” annotations) from spontaneous and
ecological data collected in real or quasi-real environment (Smart Home)
and situation (real scenario). The system will focus on the
socio-affective dimensions of the interaction (socio-affective prosody,
paralinguistic events, imitation, synchrony etc), especially the
dynamics (timing) of the dialog… One aspect of this PhD will also focus
on the comparison of the same character implemented in robot versus
virtual agent for interaction (epathy aspects, etc.).

Start : Fall 2014

Duration : 36 months

Contact : Veronique.Auberge at & Benjamin.Lecouteux at (+
Laurent.Besacier at

3. PhD / Context-aware spoken dialogue in ambient assisted living

You will work on a research and development project (CASSIE) involving
academic and industrial stakeholders of spoken dialog, assistive
technologies and social robotics. The PhD objective is to make a social
cyber-physical agent "aware" of its environment by sensors and/or
connected objects. This contextual information will drive the system
interaction (natural language understanding and dialog). The heart of
the research will be to build probabilistic and logical models for
multimodal situation analysis and understanding in a domestic and
multilingual context. For the experimental development and validation,
the research will benefit from the fully-equipped LIG smart home

Start : Fall 2014

Duration : 36 months (PhD)

Contact : Francois.Portet at & Michel.Vacher at

Profiles The applicants must hold a Master degree in Computational
Linguistics, Computing sciences or Cognitive Sciences preferably with
experience in the fields of speech processing and/or natural language
processing and/or machine learning. Good background in programming will
also be required.
He/she will also be involved in experimenting the technology with human
participants being either French or English speakers. For this reason
good English level is required as well as a good command of
French. Finally effective communication skills in English, both written
and verbal are mandatory.

Location Grenoble is a high-tech city with 4 universities. It is located
at the heart of the Alps, in outstanding scientific and natural
surroundings.  It is 3h by train from Paris ; 2h from Geneva ; 1h from
Lyon ; 2h from Torino and is less than 1h from Lyon international

Research Group Website :

Dates Interviews will be held in July 2014 (until September 2014 if
needed). Meetings during Interspeech 2014 in SIngapore can be also

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