Seminaire: Towards an Online Rhyming Dictionary for Mexican Spanish, Labex CLRI, Avignon

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Vendredi 18 juillet 2014

14h LIA, chemin des Meinajariès 84911 Avignon cedex 9 (salle à préciser)

(Labex BLRI) 

Alfonso Medina 

(Directeur de Recherches à EL COLEGIO DE MEXICO (

Towards an Online Rhyming Dictionary for Mexican Spanish.

Rhyming dictionaries are a kind of reverse dictionaries. They group
words according to rhyming patterns. Rhymes can share exact sequences of
vowel and consonant sounds towards the end of a word (consonant rhyme)
or just similar vowel sounds (assonant rhyme). Thus, these dictionaries
are based on pronunciation, not on writing patterns. Also, since
consonance and assonance depend on the stressed syllable, words which
end with a stressed syllable are grouped together, those whose stressed
syllable is the next to last appear together, and so on.

In addition, word pronunciation may vary with time and across
geographical and social dialects. In Spanish, this is particularly clear
when word loans (for instance, Anglicisms and Galicisms) are
considered. In fact, they tend to keep their original writing, at least
in the Mexican variant which is the most spoken one. For example, the
following loan words, common in Mexican Spanish, rhyme: flash, collage,
garage, cottage, squash. Their last syllable is stressed and they are
ordered in reverse according to their sounds and not their letters:
(respectively, /fláʃ/, /ko.láʃ/, /ga.ráʃ/, /ko.táʃ/ and /es.kwáʃ/).

The project described takes the current nomenclature of the Diccionario
del español de México ( to generate automatically
a rhyming dictionary. Also, since the results of an online query to such
a dictionary can be quite large, a procedure was developed to rank them
semantically. The idea is to measure the similarities of the query
definition to each of the definitions of the rhyming words. These words
are then ordered from highest to lowest similarity to the query.

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